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5 Easy And Efficient Steps On How To Clean Bike Chain

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The most crucial among the drive train components of a bike is its chain. The chain bears most of the wear and tear that a bike goes through. So a sound knowledge of how to clean bike chain is urgent. The chain becomes greasy and crusty very often and put the rider in a gruesome inconvenience.

A delay in cleaning and scrubbing up the dirt from the chain can cost you the whole drive train area replacement. This article will show that cleaning a bike chain is not a tough task.

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Make the following five steps your bike caring rituals with regular intervals that will save your time and money and double the fun of riding. Before going for the cleaning steps, lets us know what are the tools and materials needed for chain cleaning. These include:

  • A flat-head screwdriver
  • Degreasers
  • A piece of rag
  • A piece of sponge
  • Liquid detergent or soapy water
  • Superior quality Lube

Degreasers play an effective role in how to clean bike chain:

Apply degreasers not only in the chain but in the whole components as well. Now meticulously scrub the chain, chain rings and the soggy wheels with a brush. The brush needs to be stiffer a bit to yield result without much labor.

A clean chain will give you uninterrupted peddling but a dirty bike provokes mental discomfort. So, after cleaning the drive train parts, wait for ten minutes and wash the bike thoroughly.

Scrub up with liquid detergent and soapy water:

Take a used but a clean sponge dipped in liquid detergent or soapy water to scrub up the chain to save your fingers from cut and hurt.  The best way is to pedal back the chain grabbing the detergent soaked sponge snugly around the moving chain. This is a crucial step among the five on how to clean bike chain.

Wash the chain ring teeth properly:

Leaving the teeth of the chain ring untreated will amount to a half-cleaning or incomplete cleaning. You will need a cleaning brush and a floss to do away with the said job. The sides of the chain ring and the in-between spaces of the chain rings should go through a crazy cleaning process. Apply a floss round the teeth of the gears until those stand out glazing.

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Rinse off the liquids applied:

The whole process of how to clean bike chain will remain incomplete unless and until you apply a lubrication on your bike chain. But before lubing your bike, you must be sure of all the washing liquids rinsed off properly.

Degreaser left behind will completely damage the effect of the lube by dissolving it. You can use dry and clean clothes to rinse the degreasers off the components completely.

Lube to complete the cleaning course:

Make sure that you have blotted all the liquids applied and dry the components to the warm level. Now the time is to pour drops of lubricating oil to every chain link. The best way is to keep the dropper pressing to pour oil and let the chain complete one or two turns gradually.

Thus the lube will suffice to complete the cleaning process. But an excess of the lube should be soaked with a rag to bar smearing you.


These are the most effective tips about how to clean bike chain. You need not be that observant to get the impression that all the cleaning tips are steps of a combined process, not the different cleaning methods. It would be good enough to remove the accumulated and stiff dirt with a metal stick or screwdriver before going through the said steps.