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How To Care For Your Curly Hair With Natural Products

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  • Post last modified:July 26, 2021
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One popular question we receive from our readers very often is how to care for curly hair? and make it more defined while controlling volume?

As you surely know, if you have curly hair, curl activators are amongst the more popular (and essential) products you need to have in order to maintain curls and their volume. The real questions are; which one is the right one for me? and where to buy them from?

Caring for curly hair starts with understanding its structure. One of the first steps towards finding the perfect curly hair treatment for you is finding out which kind of curly hair you have. This definition by Evan Care does a rather good job of resuming the main differences between straight hair and curly hair.

“Contrary to straight hair, curly hair has an elliptical cross-section shape. if you were to take the two types of hair and slice them across their width, you will realize that curly hair has a somehow egg shape, and that straight hair has a near-perfect circular shape.

It is this difference in the structure that gives it its coily effect and is the reason curly hair has different curl types (2A, 3A,4A, etc….). The more the elliptical shape is pronounced, the more the hair will be coily (4A, 4B, 4C…)

Natural agents in a curl activator, for example, help reshape the coil of the hair which makes it more defined and gives the whole hair a controlled volume.

It makes hair strands adhere to each other and gives to afro hair, for example, more definition, which in turn results in a less frizzy look. It also provides shine, which helps give a healthier look to the whole hairstyle.”

As we can see, hydration for curly dry hair is the number one priority, whether you have long or short curly hair. But that’s not all, curly hair also needs nutrients to make the disulfide bonds and maintain them; Therefore, choosing the right product has to be a careful decision.

In general, the best formulations are the ones that contain a lot of different oils, such as murumuru, olive, and coconut oils. These make for a very rich complex that provides the hair with long-lasting hydration which in turn means that you don’t have to maintain your curls every day; All in the name of more practicality.

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