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Instyler Rotating Hot Iron Reviews

Many people have been asking me to do this Instyler rotating hot iron article because there are so many Instyler reviews on the internet that are very biased towards this product.

I decided to do this Instyler rotating hot iron article to, therefore give you an unbiased opinion on a very popular product.

Instyler Rotating Hot Iron Reviews

Once you have read this article you will know whether or not to get Instyler.

What Is The Instyler Rotating Hot Iron?

This hair styling product is one of the most popular around at the moment. There is a serious amount of hype around this product, probably more so than there was around the flat iron when that was released.

The Instyler is essentially a hair straightener with a twist; the manufacturers claim that the rotating cylinder on the device helps to ‘tame’ even the wildest of hairstyles.

Instyler differs from the flat iron by using less heat as well as enabling you to style and dry your hair at the same time.

The manufacturers claim that traditional hair straighteners are unsafe to use, and they claim this new device is both safe and effective to use.

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When you order the device you get

•             Instyler device

•             Instruction manual

•             Startup guide (Great for people like me who aren’t super technically minded)

The Good Aspects

From the many Instyler reviews we have analyzed it seems that the product does work incredibly well.

In fact, one of the main benefits is that it uses a rotating heat cylinder with a brush that enables you to straighten or curl your hair.

Instyler Rotating Hot Iron

Not only that but many users of this claim that it helps add volume to your hair.

Unlike a flat iron, Instyler will not burn your hair because it uses far less heat. However, don’t mistake this for less effectiveness because many users report that it helps style your hair much faster than other products.

If you are in a rush then another huge benefit of this hair styling product is the two in one combo; it will help style and dry your hair at the same time, therefore saving you precious time.

The firm behind this product has done a great job at marketing it and to be honest they have backed up the majority of their bold claims.

They have even released several ‘how to’ videos to help you maximize the use of it. These videos help deal with issues such as volume, texture, and styles.

However, there are a few minor limitations that I think you should be aware of before purchasing this product.

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The Instyler rotating hot iron is claimed to be quite noisy when using it. Many users report that this can be a little annoying at first although after a couple of times you don’t notice it at all.

As you are using less time due to the fact it helps style and dry your hair at the same time then this doesn’t seem to be a major issue at all.

Other users from the Instyler reviews we have gone through the report that the product can quite hot so please do be careful.

If you have ever used a flat iron then you will probably be used to this anyway, and considering Instyler uses less heat this seems to be far less of an issue compared to that on a flat iron.