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Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Review

Welcome to my Joan Rivers Great Hair Day review.

I created this review to answer one of the most popular questions I keep receiving; namely ‘does Joan Rivers Great Hair Day work?’.

Well, keep reading and you will find the answer to this.

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Review – Don’t Miss It!

What Is Joan Rivers Great Hair Day?

Joan Rivers Great Hair Day is a new fill-in powder for your hair, which is designed to help thicken up the appearance of your hair. It comes in 5 shades; light blonde, blonde, brunette, red and salt, and pepper.

The manufacturers claim this product can be applied within seconds and results are instantly noticeable, and from my research into this product, it does seem like users agree!

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When you order Joan Rivers Great Hair Day you get

  • Fill-in powder
  • Compact mirror
  • Extra bonuses (e.g. Right To Bare Legs)

There is a lot of hype surrounding this product seeing as though it is claimed to be safe, effective and long-lasting. However, does it really work?

Great Hair Day Review


There are many claimed benefits of this hair powder but the biggest one that keeps being mentioned by users is the fact that it works; the product seems to do what it says it should do!

One particular Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Review I read said that the product will last in your hair until the next wash. It does not rub off at any point during the day.

In fact, many users report that you can’t tell that it is in your hair unless you use too much of it next to your scalp. You apply the powder with a brush in your problem areas and watch your balding hair look great again.

It seems to match the color of your hair very well and stops your scalp from shining through. After using it I was no longer embarrassed to come to work every morning worried that everyone would be staring at the blinding spots on my head.

You could style your hair as you normally would after applying it in, and you do not have worry about any of it coming out after putting it in.

Here’s what one user said about the duration of effectiveness

“I usually put the product in my hair right after I wash and dry it. This allows it to stay in my hair all day, and it only takes an extra 60 seconds to put it into my head every morning.”

For something that takes such a small amount of time to put on, it certainly makes a big difference, and I can see why users claim this is both safe, effective and long lasting!

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Is It Worth The Money?

I have done a lot of research into this product, and I am well aware of all the scam products. However, my research suggests it is well worth the money.

This is simply because of how great and thick it makes your hair look. A kit will usually come with the brush already included, so you do not have to buy anything to use it once you get the kit.

Other Joan Rivers Great Hair Day users have said that the product is great for hiding your roots in between touch-ups. In fact, many users claim it blends into your surrounding hair color and it will completely obscure any other other colors coming in.

If you cannot make it to the hair stylist for a few days and need to cover up those problem roots, then this is the product for you.