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Get A Sleek Bun on Black Natural Hair In Less Than Seconds!

Taking care of your hair can be quite challenging and if you have black natural afro hair then it is way more challenging than normal hair.

All afro hair and other types of hair are beautiful if proper care is taken. But taking care of curls is the most difficult and requires perfect hair care practices. These buns have many common hair problems that include damaged or broken hair, thinning or hair loss, dandruff, and even an itchy scalp. But do not worry, JuvaBun has got you covered, they have amazing products for your afro.

Trust me when I say their products work really great as one of my friends uses their products and she has afro hair and she says that her life has changed since she started using their products.

The Challenges I Face While Styling My Afro Hair

Afro hair comes with multiple challenges which cannot be solved with ease but in order to get them repaired we first need to know about them. So, here are a few of the challenges related to afro hair.

Damages and Broken Hair

Afro hair has a reputation of being weak and short and that is because as soon as it grows like normal hair, it also breaks off really fast. Afro hair does grow but since they break off as soon as they grow, gives them the reputation of hair that does not grow.

The sebum that is produced in the scalp does not reach the hair ends which makes the hair dry, vulnerable, and brittle. This damage can be caused by friction from rough cotton pillowcases, scarves, and poor handling of hair. Blow dryers are also the cause of damage and breakage of afro hair.

Harsh products causes Dandruff

Harsh products to clean the curls and scalp can cause dandruff and huge flakes. Due to the overgrowth of fungus which is microbial, uncontrolled dandruff can also be produced. Then due to buildup sebum on the scalp can produce dandruff and it can be worsened due to dead skin caught in the scalp and hair. Or dandruff can be due to the dry scalp any way it is really bad for your hair and confidence.

Thinning or Losing Hair

Tight braids, bad extensions, rough handling, relaxers, and other chemicals, using wrong tools and much more can cause breakage and hair loss. This leads to thinning and losing of hair. Then stress, pulling or tugging also plays a role in losing hair and other health-related issues also cause hair loss and thinning.

Itchiness all the way!

Various surfactants and chemicals in hair products can cause an itchy scalp. Scalp dryness is also another issue that afro hair people face which causes itchy scalp. Then blocking of pores and excess sebum production also irritates the scalp and causes itchiness to the head.

How Can I Overcome These Challenges?

Overcoming these challenges is quite easy and you can do it with the amazing JuvaBun products.

Repairing Hair

To overcome breakage and damage, use a wide tooth comb, avoid bleaching or using a relaxer on your hair, and stay away from blow dryers or hair straighteners. You should use a satin bonnet or a silk pillowcase to eliminate your rough cotton pillow covers that break and damage the hair. JuvaBun produces satin pillowcases that are very easily available and they are of high quality which keeps your afro hair safe and damage-free.

Getting Rid of Dandruff

Getting Rid of Dandruff

To avoid or get rid of dandruff, take care of your scalp. Wash it every seven to ten days and buy products that are great for hair and do not cause allergies. Wear a moisturizer on your scalp or oil that is very light and does not clog pores.

Hiding Thin Hair or Hair Loss

JuvaBun Afro Hair Bun

If you want to hide your thin hair or hair loss, you can use JuvaBun’s afro bun which is very comfortable to wear and does not tug on your hair or damage the hair. Then make sure you do not use any relaxers or make tight hairstyles, go for braids that are thick, loose, and long to avoid stressing out your roots.

Itchiness removed

Use products that remove itchiness from the scalp. Wash hair properly and apply moisturizing light oil for keeping your dry scalp healthy and happy. Make your routine and get rid of all the problems related to your afro hair.

JuvaBun Afro Hair Bun the Best Solution I Could Find

JuvaBun Afro Hair Bun the Best Solution I Could Find

JuvaBuna Afro hair bun is the best solution if you already have thin hair or extremely damaged or short hair. Till your hair recovers from the damage that it holds, you can easily wear this bun and express yourself with confidence at every event you attend.


These afro hair buns can easily be washed and used multiple times. They can also be conditioned and are perfect to wear anywhere. They give you a perfect hairstyle within seconds and a sleek look that most of us cannot get due to our damaged or rough hair.


This bun is available in multiple shades of brown and black that go perfectly with your black hair. Then they have afro hair which is soft, smooth, and perfectly curled. You just have to wear this bun and rock any event you want. This JuvaBun’s afro hair bun is made to fit all women having afro hair as it has a huge range of colors and matches the hair perfectly.


These buns are of premium quality and look like real hair even though they are fake synthetic hair in reality. Then their band is quite comfortable to wear which does not damage the hair and allows you to have growth of your natural hair and still have the confidence that you always wanted.

I Have A Sleek Bun All Thanks To JuvaBun!

I Have A Sleek Bun All Thanks To JuvaBun

In my opinion, the satin pillowcase combined with this afro hair bun from JuvaBun brand is something that everyone with black natural hair should have as the afro bun keeps our confidence up till we are treating our natural hair and bringing it back to life without giving away that we are using extensions and the pillowcase keeps our hair away from the damage that is caused by friction produced from cotton pillow covers.

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