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5 Rules to Know Before You Get Hair Extensions

Have you been thinking of getting hair extensions? Extensions allow women to add length, depth, and different hairy styles to try out. There are different types of hair extensions ranging from; tape-ins, pre-bonded, Remy hair, clip-in hair extensions and more.

In this article, you will get the basic rules about extensions needed before getting them. Here are 5 rules to know of hair extensions to help in making an informed decision.

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#1. Hair Extensions Must Match Your Lifestyle

It is easier to know which hair extension is right for you if you base it on your lifestyle. If you are too busy to maintain the new look then you won’t get results. Let say you are only wearing faux for a special occasion, then chances are you are not the type to be bothered by daily styling. Clip-ins is your best option as they are easily removed. For active folks, keratin-bond extensions are best.

#2. Hair Extensions Must Match Your Colour

Women wearing hair extensions fear that others may notice that they are using fake hair. Synthetic hair extensions are shinier than natural hair making them easily identified as fake.  Having colors that mismatch or are not compatible is the worst-case scenario.

So before you start experimenting with various colour combinations, getting professional assistance is better.  If you want a natural look the best options are to look for natural human or Remy hair extension. Here is the address Petersham Hair Co; you got ultimate solution of the hair extensions.

#3. Should be of High Quality

Low-quality hair extension easily gets damaged and worn out when used for a short period. When you wear them they portray they are cheap and fake. When buying hair extension, be keen to make sure that they are of the highest standard made from natural human hair.

#4. They Require a Lot of Maintenance

Hair extensions can’t be used without maintenance. They require as much care as the real hair especially the human hair extensions. You should occasionally wash them with shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for natural and synthetic hair to maintain them looking great all the time.

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#5. Know When to Let Go

Hair extensions damage hair if they are not properly removed. You must maintain the time frames set for that hair type. Extensions should not be too heavy as this will cause your hair to break. They are not also supposed to fall out or painful either.

If you can follow these simple hair extension guidelines, you will be able to find the best hair extension to experiment with any kind of hairstyle you like.