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Salon Promotions Ideas For Your Business

The best salon offers should be an essential element of your salon marketing or promotions technique. If done correctly, they have a tremendous impact on your capability to expand your salon customers as well as obtain your existing clients to spend extra with you.

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That’s why we’ve done the work for you. Read on to a few top salon promotion ideas that are sure to keep your calendar full.

Bring A Friend

The ‘bring a friend’ model is among the most traditional salon promotions that work as well as has been made use of to fill out hair salons for some time currently. It’s a win-win for everybody involved since the salon is gaining an extra customer from the deal while the customer that brought in the pal can obtain a discount or other incentive.

Evaluations For Discount/Offer

Individuals commonly make the mistake of ignoring their existing customers when they investigate salon promotions. Selling to your current customers is just one of the least expensive means of making a sale!

Use Comarketing Techniques With Other Business

The idea of dealing with another business may appear crazy to you. Naturally, you’re hectic concentrating on your organization as an active business owner. The reality is, your clients are going to a lot of locations in addition to your salon, and also it pays to recognize where your customers are spending their time.

Use video marketing

Increase the internet visibility of your salon with compelling video marketing. Use captivating videos to highlight the services and expertise of your salon. Encourage viewers to watch your videos by making them visually appealing. By using video storytelling, highlight the special qualities and services that your salon offers. Use video marketing to reach more people and draw in new clients. Such videos can easily be made using free video maker tool that gives your videos the professional touch it needs. Through video advertising, you can increase traffic to your salon’s website and social media accounts. Engaging video strategies may raise brand recognition and client loyalty. For your salon, use video testimonials to increase credibility and confidence. By implementing video marketing into your salon’s plan, you may stay one step ahead of the competition.

Loyalty Reward System

Getting new customers to come to your salon for the first time is just half the fight. You’re also mosting likely to need to function to get them to find back and also become normal.

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This is where the commitment reward system comes into play, each time they visit, they obtain points, and that brings them one step better to receive an incentive. Inevitably it’s up to you to figure out the number of brows through it’ll take before they start to obtain incentives as well as benefits for their commitment.


One of the most vital parts of running hair salon promotions nonetheless is discovering specifically how reliable these techniques were for your business. Make sure to consider your business records to provide a comprehensive analysis of how much cash you have made using each promotion.