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How to Make Ugly Christmas Sweater?

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  • Post last modified:December 8, 2023
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Christmas is just a few days away, meaning we are all going to have the best time of the year. People celebrate the holiday season in different ways. However, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater is a common tradition across the globe. Getting into the most hideous and tackiest sweater adds so much fun and entertainment. Today, several websites are selling unique and funny ugly Christmas sweaters. From solar system-inspired NASA Christmas sweaters to pink PlayStation-printed sweaters, there are many options to explore. However, if you want something unique and personalized, keep reading this blog. Today, I’ve picked the top 7 most ugly Christmas sweater ideas for you. From using recycled materials to over-the-top glittery sweaters, these festive DIY sweaters will surely add more fun to your Christmas parties.   

Here is a list of 7 easy DIY ugly Christmas sweater ideas for you: 

1. Crochet Ugly Christmas Sweater

This year, add a DIY crochet sweater to your Christmas party. You can either go with the classic red or white yarn or pick something bold like yellow or orange. Lastly, add decorations like tiny knit lights or anything you like, and your ugly Christmas sweater is ready to wear!  

2. DIY Snowy Christmas Sweater

Grab any old sweater of yours, and with the help of iron-on letters, write words like snow, tree, or anything you wish to write. You can also add other iron-on accessories and decorations to make it appropriate for the party.

3. DIY Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater

You can recreate this by either printing a tree on a sweater or thrifting a sweater with a tree already printed on it. Later, you can add pom poms and sparkles with the help of a hot glue gun to make it look more festive.

4. Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Kids

Get in the festive spirit with these easy and quick DIY Christmas sweater ideas. Involve your kids in creating these types of personalized sweaters; it will be a fun activity for them. Give them decorations, sparkles, pom poms, or other accessories, and ask them to decorate their sweaters on their own.

5. DIY Christmas Candy Sweater

Candy is one of the staple foods for all Christmas lovers! Use the mini candy canes and peppermints in a twisted garland pattern on your sweater. You can also add pom-poms, tinsel, sparkles, and even ornaments for a festive look.

6. DIY Bow Ugly Christmas Sweater

Another easy and efficient DIY sweater for you is this creative bow sweater! You can either go with multiple bows and stick them to your sweater or find the biggest bow and stick it. Your sweater will surely be the most eye-catching sweater at the party.

7. Couple Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Double the fun by matching your ugly sweater with your partner. Whether you’re going to a Christmas party with your best friend or partner, you can make a statement with these cute sweater ideas.


So, these are some of the best ugly Christmas sweater ideas. From cute candy canes to bold bow sweaters, you can go with anything or try to create something completely personalized. Use creative designs and decorate your Christmas sweaters with pom poms, lights, colorful ornaments, and sparkles, and you’re ready to attend the party.