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Cute Braid Ideas for New Years Party 2024

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Having a new years party and still looking for a cute hairstyle, why not give braids a try? There are plenty of braid hairstyles and the most versatile. Everyone wears braids at some point for many different reasons.

Cool Box Braids

The hottest 90’s trend has returned and women are loving it. These hairstyles have returned with a twist such as edgy short knotless braids. These are more popular among the younger population and black women.

Cute braid Ideas for new years party 2021
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The style is fresh and pretty and you will be turning heads with creative styles. Whether you wear them long, short, large or very small they can look cool or chic.

In our time we have seen famous faces sporting the style such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. All you need is some inspiration and that is where we come into place. 

What is not to love about knotless braids, they are more relaxed and gentle on the scalp compared to old box braids. You can choose to have these done in neat twists or plaits.

Twist Braids

These types are quite interesting and they got their names from their appearance. They are made by wrapping the extension around your natural hair, before starting twisting. You can choose to have jumbo or small twists.

There are plenty of ways to style your twist to make them casual or formal. They are the perfect style to save time, you can make them bold or more modest. Try out a variety of colors and different style techniques.

The Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are a lot like French braids, they look beautiful and elegant. These are pretty and for the holiday you should consider learning them. You can style these like a crown braid and if you have curly hair it’s also a  fashionable protective styling.

If you have straight hair these will look very nice on you. Keep the hair groomed and smooth for a beautiful finish look and also some finishing spray.

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