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Drape A New Age Look On Banarasi Silk Saree With

The Land of Banaras brought us the magnificent Banarasi silk sarees. Banarasi silk sarees are the most sought-after silk sarees, after the Kanjeevaram silk sarees from the state of Tamil Nadu.

As the Banarasi silk sarees were solely made for the royalties during the Mughal era, it is considered as a royal attire, even today. The Mughals brought this amazing craftsmanship with them, which later evolved throughout these years and have become a significant part of India’s saree industry.

Indian brides love donning Banarasi silk sarees not only because they are considered royal and classy but also because of the smoothness of the fabric. As you are aware, Bridal outfits tend to be heavy and hard to carry around. Banarasi silk sarees are the bride’s first choice because of it being breathable fabric, along with distinct zari work all over the saree.

Traditional Banarasi silk sarees are a must-have sarees for Indian women. Pure Banarasi silk sarees are expensive but, websites like Talash bring you authentic Banarasi silk sarees online in India at affordable rates.

Buy Banarasi silk sarees online in India with and sport a palatial Banarasi silk saree on auspicious occasions. As the world has become one single market, Banarasi silk saree online shopping can be done by anybody from any part of the world.

Shop For The Latest Banarasi Silk Sarees Online On And Lighten Up The Room With Your Elegance

Banarasi silk saree is a six-yard saree worn by women from generation to generation especially, on important occasions. Now, due to the availability of raw materials required, fast technology, and reasonable prices, the dream of owning a Banarasi silk saree has come true.

Each woman desires to look perfect and stunning every time she wears a Banarasi silk saree. And, why not? Everybody can look mind-blowing in such a saree!

Banarasi silk sarees are available in multiple colours, ranging from red, white, yellow, green to beige, magenta, and greys. As the Banarasi silk sarees are designed using a combination of Indian and Persian motifs, the beauty of the brocade work enhances even more.

There is space for diverse designs and patterns. Even modern designs are embroidered on the Banarasi silk sarees these days. It doesn’t matter how much time passes; the skill of zari/brocade weaving remains exceptional.

Drape Your Banarasi Silk Sarees The Modern Way And Sport A Stellar Look That Catches Everyone’s Attention

Banarasi silk sarees can be draped in multiple ways to don a new age look. Although the traditional pleated or floating saree drape will be in use, you can still try draping it differently if the occasion and environment permit.

Jazzy pant/dhoti style saree drape look- If you want to try something funky and daring, you can drape your saree into a pant or dhoti style saree drape. While you do it, do make sure that the intricate border work and exceptional work of art on the pallus are not overshadowed.

These drapes can be complemented with gold or silver plated Kamarband. You can use some groovy jewellery and juttis for sporting a modern look in your Banarasi silk saree. If you still want to drape the same way, but keep it as traditional as possible, try a Kundan jewellery set or normal gold jewellery. Add a nose pin to enhance your outfit and look out of this world.

Do it like a princess with the lehenga style saree drape-  If your Banarasi silk saree has exceptional border work, you can even try the skirt saree drape or the lehenga saree drape. Basically, you drape your saree as a lehenga.

This would look good if your Banarasi silk sarees have larger borders and are fairly plain or have very small patterned designs on them. As this will make your saree flare out like Cinderella’s gown, you need to select a suitable saree for such a drape.

Feeling like trying this drape out? Go through’s collection of the latest Banarasi silk sarees and buy a suitable Banarasi silk saree online at affordable prices. A studded Mang tikka, large earrings with hands full of bangles would make you feel like you literally are on the seventh cloud!

Lehengas are heavy, but if you can drape a gorgeous and lightweight saree around your body in a similar way, then why bother to buy lehengas, anyway?

New age or modern looks come from within, and you must feel confident in your saree. Confidence is the key to donning a modern look from a traditional Banarasi silk saree. Try out different colours than the standard one. Look out for sarees that you could wear in multiple ways on various occasions. Do your research before you do Banarasi silk sarees online shopping, so you can pick your favourite saree among thousands that will suit your personality. has made a variety of Bridal Banarasi silk sarees available to you. Pick your favourite Banarasi silk saree at discounted rates before it runs out of stock! Look stunning and have fun draping these modern style saree drapes. Happy shopping!

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