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Who Is Ruby Rose Dating?

Ruby Rose is an Australian model, actress, and television presenter. She is probably best known for her role as Stella Carlin in season three of the Netflix series; Orange Is the New Black. Since then, Ruby has appeared in Hollywood blockbusters like Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, John Wick: Chapter 2, and the musical comedy, Pitch Perfect 3!

Now, as you probably already know, we are pretty obsessed with checking out what a celeb’s dating history looks like. Today, we’re going to do exactly that with Ruby Rose. She had an on-and-off relationship with The Veronicas’ singer, Jessica Origliasso. She rumored flings with Halsey and Demi Lovato – if you keep on scrolling, you’ll see all the ladies that were (or are) a part of Ruby Rose’s life.

Alright, now here they are – 10 plus ladies that Ruby Rose has been linked to over the years!

Start to End – Ruby Rose Dating

To kick our list off, we decided to go with Ruby’s on-and-off relationship with The Veronicas singer, Jessica Origliasso. The Orange Is the New Black star first started dating Jessica back in 2008 and the last time the two were linked to each other was in 2018!

In 2016, Ruby was dating an Australian model, Harley Gusman. While the two were together for just a couple of months in the summer, there are plenty of photos of them getting close. Above, you can see them during a date night … and posing for an adorable selfie!

Another famous lady that the Australian actress has been rumored to have dated is singer, Halsey. The two ladies were linked to each other in December 2015, after they were spotted having fun a couple of times! Above, you can see them posing for a photo together.

Next is yet another very famous lady – this time, we’re talking about former Disney Channel star, Demi Lovato. In 2015, Ruby was rumored to have hooked up with Demi, and while neither of them confirmed the gossip, they certainly exchanged some adorable Instagram comments!

Let’s move on to Ruby Rose with her ex-girlfriend, Phoebe Dahl, who is a fashion designer. In 2014, the two ladies met – after just two months, they decided to get engaged. However, once 2015 came around, Ruby and Phoebe decided to end their engagement and go their separate ways! Here is the ruby rose with long hair to see the surprised more!

Let’s move on to the year 2012. This was when Ruby Rose was linked to an American DJ, Lauren Abedini. At the time, neither of the ladies was super-famous, as Ruby’s season of Orange Is the New Black hadn’t aired yet. Ruby was pretty much only a well-known name in Australia.

Another Australian model that Ruby Rose has dated is Catherine McNeil. The two ladies got together in 2009, and they decided to get engaged a year later, in 2010. While the two were engaged for approximately six months, they decided to call it quits!

Speaking of pretty Australian models, another woman that was linked to actress, Ruby Rose, is model, Lyndsey Anne. As you can see, there are no photos of the two stars together, but back in the late 00s, they were rumored to be more than just friends!

Next on our list of ladies that Ruby had been linked to is American singer, Kathryn Gallagher. While neither of the two has confirmed a relationship, they have been spotted together by the paparazzi. Above, you can see them giggling while heading out for some lunch in West Hollywood!

Let’s move onto Ruby Rose and Australian singer, Vanessa Amorosi. As you can see from Ruby’s hair in the photo above, the two ladies were also an item in the 2000s. Their paths frequently crossed due to their work – Ruby was a television presenter and Vanessa is a singer!

The last lady on our list is yet another Australian model – this time, we’re talking about Lola Van Vorst. As you can see, Ruby and Lola also have no pics with each other, but the rumors of them dating were swirling before Ruby’s global fame!

Who is Ruby Rose dating?

The truth is, we’re not quite sure. While most of Ruby’s ex-girlfriends have been other celebrities, Ruby is keeping the identity of this girlfriend very private.

In July of 2018, Ruby was answering questions on her Instagram story, where one fan asked who she was seeing (which, to be honest, we’ve all wanted to know). The star answered the question with a photo of her and one of her guy friends, saying, “This my man … but my girl … is none of yo business lol.”

So last we knew, the star was seeing someone, but she’s just refused to disclose who, exactly. There have been no public social media posts or red carpet dates to suggest otherwise. Maybe she’s not with whoever she saw then. Or maybe her other not-so-clean public breakups are making her want to keep this one completely private.

Jess replied “@RubyRose I have requested you not contact me for over four months now. You have been given my grace of being ignored on every other private platform. So the fact you continue to ignore this to contact me here publicly under the guise of wishing me well, is continued harassment.” Big yikes. From there, the two continued a very public feud.

Ruby was also briefly engaged to fashion designer Phoebe Dahl, proposing after just two months together in 2014. However, the pair split at the end of 2015.

Ruby has also briefly dated model Harley Gusman in 2016, and was once rumored to have been involved with Halsey, but their fling was never officially confirmed. Here is the answer of your other favorite question – How Old Is Ruby Rose Turner?

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