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Parsley Spices Up The Movie

Born in Albuquerque NM, and raised by her mom and stepfather, Tiffany Parsley is an actress known for her diverse role in the movie “Justice Through Redemption.” It was her first role in the film. From her childhood, she always wanted to be an actor and writer. She played an influential role of a woman Shelia in the movie. Tiffany reached out to Walt Diddy (Director and Script Writer of the movie) to get a role in the movie.

Justice Through Redemption

When Tiffany arrived at the set, the cast was already full. But she knew the fact that the cast from 2018 walked out on Walt Diddy without a phone call. So, she pressed him until she got the role. It wasn’t just any role but the role of Shelia, who’s a woman of faith and great fitness. She convinced the director that she is the perfect match for the role.

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She is a strong believer of God, and due to her strong faith in God, she knew that she will get this role. During an interview when she was asked about her greatest influence. Responding to the question, she said that Jesus is her greatest influence.

During the interview, she was also asked about her hobbies and interests. She said that she loves to dance, workout, sing, and snuggle her kids and husband. Probably this is the reason that she always looks fit and energetic.

The producer of the movie, Walt Diddy acknowledged that Tiffany has a very helping nature. She was key player on the movie set, helping out and providing breakfast without being asked. She inspired everyone on the set, and they all acknowledged her passion for her work.

Shelia And Demi Johnson
Tiffany Parsley “Shelia” & Demi Johnson “June Rey” on the Justice Through Redemption set

When she was asked about her occupation, she stated that she is a realtor and she is proud of it. She always has been an entrepreneur. Talking about the future accomplishments of her life, she said that she wants to complete one of the books that she started writing.

She said that she wants to live in Europe and help political refugees escape persecution and start new lives. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about every matter of her life and due to her strong faith in God she believes that she has a lot to achieve in her life yet.

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More About Justice Through Redemption

Four unsolved murders agitate the local community of Hot Springs, a former police detective Robert Wren, known for being the “dirty cop” that brought shame to the police department currently works as a low level private investigator.

More About Justice Through Redemption

Justice, a mysterious woman with little to no ties to the community is the center of attention at a local bar that Robert frequents with the after work crowd. With charm, beauty, and erotic demeanor “Justice” enchants Robert into a one nightstand that will change his life forever.

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