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How To Buy Best Ring Lights For YouTube Videos?

Do you want to create a professional video? If yes, you need good lights to brighten your face and make it look better. If you are looking for the best ring lights for YouTube videos, we have made it easier for you by researching the available products in the market. Following is our guide to help choose the best one out of them:

CRI Rating:

CRI rating or Color Rendering Index tells whether a light will portray colors as natural and real or not. The higher rating means that the color of objects under this light would be more accurate, while lesser ratings mean they will appear different than their original ones. For making an excellent video and photos, it’s important to capture everything correctly, so look for a ring light with high CRI.

Number of LEDs:

It is an important matter of concern because many low-cost lights have fewer LEDs and just enough illumination but this can be unsatisfactory when you are making a video or recording something important. Always choose a light with more LEDs as it will offer better brightness and intensity even if the room isn’t well lit.

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Size of the Ring:

The next thing you need to consider is the size of the ring. If you have a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera, you can go for a small-sized ring, but if you are using a large camcorder, you need to select a bigger one. The size also depends on your needs; if you want to use it for general photography, then a small one will suffice, but you need something big for making videos.


You must check how much noise the ring light makes as it can be quite annoying while recording videos. Many lights available in the market make humming sounds that can irritate the ears. So, look for the one with a lower noise rating to avoid any disturbance during your shoots.


Are you looking for the best ring lights for YouTube videos? Check out the guide above to find the right one for you! With a high CRI rating, large size, and plenty of LEDs, you will be able to create professional-quality videos with ease. So take some time to research and find the right ring light for your needs!

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