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Everything You Need to Know Before Selling Your Luxury Handbag

There are plenty of reasons to sell designer handbags today. With the way things are going in the world using the internet to make purchases is how most people shop. The recent pandemic has made it a must for people to keep safe and the internet makes this an easy job.

The fact that retail items can be bought by the click of a button makes it a great business to get into. to whether you’re selling handbags or clothing there’s no doubt that retail is booming.

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According grandview search the handbag global market was worth 47 billion in 2018. This was expected to grow which it has.

Reasons Why Handbag Sales Are Increasing

One of the reasons cited for this is the growing popularity of brands that are known in a developed world being exposed to developing worlds.

The most popular handbag by far is the Tote handbag which is the biggest and most practical bag type. In 2018 the sales of Tote handbags amounted to 41.7% of all sales of handbags globally.

Top handbags are especially popular among working Women because they are big enough to carry laptops, and other important documents that may be required to be carried.

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Popular Handbag Materials

The most popular material for handbags is leather. They dominated the global market with a 48.5% share of all sales. The reason for the popularity of leather are its durability, dustproof, and crack-proof properties.

Another handbag material which is expected to become popular over the coming years is vegan leather due to the increasing consciousness of being environmentally friendly. Which is aligned with other government plans such as electric vehicles in the future.

The most sales for handbags were coming from physical stores but the latest statistics are likely to have changed dramatically. The share of Handbags bought at stores is 84.3% of all purchases.

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Most handbag sales take place in North America accounting for 30% of all handbag sales in 2018. It is also noticed that the demand for high quality designer handbags continues to increase year on year.

Getting Into The Handbag Business

To get a piece of this market you will need to find suppliers. Fortunately there are a number of suppliers you can find online which can help start your handbag Empire.

A website with great resources is You can also do Google Search and find many wholesalers of handbags ready to serve your needs.