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Young And Enthusiastic Wig Stylist Tajia Smith Perform In The Beauty Industry

Tajia Smith is a young and enthusiastic wig stylist from Washington DC and owner of Wig Lifestyle. She has been in the beauty industry for many years and is extremely passionate about what she does.

She has a global clientele from all over the world and her beautiful hand-crafted wigs are highly sought after everywhere.

Tajia advocates the importance of wigs to protect natural hair and provides the perfect solution with gorgeous wigs of all styles and colors.

Tajia’s level of creativity is next to none. She spends time creating each of her wig styles with love, skill and care with great attention to detail and produces only the best quality to every single client.

Tajia Smith

Each wig created has its own character and they all set trends – whether it’s a sophisticated brown, a bold blonde or a spicy redhead (one of Tajia’s personal favorites), anybody rocking one of her wigs will be sure to turn heads wherever they go.  

A key person who has inspired Tajia in her career is her mother who is a natural hair specialist. Tajia grew up watching her mother do hair and was inspired to take the success from the beauty industry and channel it into her very own empire.

One of the great lesson’s Tajia took away from her mother was to add quality to everything she does. She spends time, energy, effort, and every fiber of her being to give people quality and only the best quality.

Tajia was also largely inspired by Nicki Minaj and has always loved her high level of confidence, creativity and her genuine desire to see other women win.

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