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How to get grass stains out of shoes – The ultimate methods give your pair a brand new look

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Life always contains surprises, both positive and negative. Imagine that on a beautiful day, you’re enjoying the warm spring or summer sunshine on the green lawn, then suddenly you realize a not-so-happy surprise is coming to you, which is that your newly bought white shoes stick ugly green grass stains all over the surface. Confused? Worry? Even frustrated?

Indeed, these green streaks look extremely awful, especially on white shoes. But don’t worry, Workwear Magazine can still easily remove this stain with a few tips. Bear in mind that like any other stain, we have to find out the right way on how to get grass stains out of shoes to achieve the best result. In contrast, if you apply the wrong techniques, the dirty spots may become worse or more stubborn.

Instead of just looking at the shoes and sighing or even wanting to throw it away, read this article and pick an effective, fast method to give your shoes a totally brand new look.

What is a grass stain?

The name already explains almost everything you need to know, in fact, the green color of a grass stain is from chlorophyll, proteins and other organic substances, all making it hard to remove. However, it’s just one side of a matter because shoe material or the sole also play an important role in deciding whether it is easy to remove the stain or not.

If you are lucky enough to detect the spot earlier and apply the correct methods, your shoes will not be affected heavily. That also means the improper tool or removal approach can only make it fade, but not solve it completely.

Basic process to remove grass stains from shoes
Basic process to remove grass stains from shoes

4 traditional moves to remove grass stains from shoes

Before going to the main topic, Oak Street will present the 4 basic steps to wash dirty marks off shoes that you can apply on any type of shoes in no time.

Step 1. Remove the shoelace

For casual shoes with stylized laces on top, you should remove the laces first and then soak them separately in soapy water.

Step 2. Use a soft brush to clean the stain

Avoid using a brush with too hard bristles or large fibers that can make the shoe layers ruffled. Ideally, you should choose a soft brush and gently scrub away the stains. Then, rinse the pair under clean water to wash all soap on shoes..

Step 3. Wrap the shoes with paper towel

After draining, use a tissue to wrap all over the shoes. Because if you let the dust on the shoes mix with water, it will reverse osmosis, making the stain more obnoxious. So, paper towels will absorb the remaining dirts on the shoe.

Step 4. Dry the shoes

It’s better to dry the pair naturally, especially avoid leaving them in too sunny areas since this will affect their longevity.

And after removing the paper towel, you will be surprised with the new look of your favorite shoes!

Top tricks on how to get grass stain out of shoes

#Method 1. Vinegar

Use vinegar to clean shoes
Use vinegar to clean shoes

Vinegar can be considered as a versatile and safe liquid with millions of great effects around the household, and using it to get grass stains off your shoes is no exception.   

Moreover, the actual process of removal with vinegar is also simple; all you have to do is:

Step 1. Mix vinegar with water in the ratio 1:1.

Step 2. Spray the mixture on the stains

Step 3. Rub it carefully.

Step 4. For the best results, reapply the mixture several times.

Step 5. Then wash the shoes the regular way.

Step 6. Finally, dry your shoes naturally before wearing them.

#Method 2. Bleach

If the grass stains are quite heavy, you have to apply another technique. This time we will use bleach; even though it’s a kind of liquid removing the dirty spots from shoes effectively, it still contains toxic chemicals if you take too much advantage.

Bleach works, too, but be careful when using it
Bleach works, too, but be careful when using it

So, be careful when using them; actually, you had better wear gloves as handy protection. After you have bleach, gloves and a bucket, of course, here we go to the instructions:

Step 1. Mix bleach with water by adding 1/4 cup of bleach to 3/4 cup.

Step 2. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Then, spray at the stains.

Step 3. Leave the shoes there for 30 minutes.

Step 4. Once done, rinse the shoes and wash them normally.

Step 5. Bring them to drain.

#Method 3. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can be used to get grass stains out of shoes
Rubbing alcohol can be used to get grass stains out of shoes

Rubbing alcohol is one of the necessary solutions available in every house’s medicine cabinet. Luckily, we can even use it to deal with fresh green grass stains easily before they stick on your shoes like glue because the alcohol can disjoin the pigments in the stain, making them easy to remove. 

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Apply the rubbing alcohol on the stains as soon as possible.

Step 2. Repeat the process until it’s saturated.

Step 3. Rinse the shoes with water.

Step 4. Wash the shoes as usual.

Step 5. Dry them naturally in the gentle sunlight.

For better results, you can repeat step 1 and 3 till you are satisfied with the clean shoe surface.

#Method 4. Detergent

Normal detergent is effective to clean shoes
Normal detergent is effective to clean shoes

Detergent is a cleaning agent that removes dirt on all surfaces of solid objects without causing chemical reactions. If the soles of your shoes have green stains from grass, then you can use detergent to whiten as follows.

Step 1. First, you mix detergent with a little water. Dip a toothbrush in the detergent water and scrub the sole of the shoe.

Step 2. Scrub vigorously until the tip of the brush is dark brown. Next, you re-dip the tip of the brush into the detergent mixture and repeat the process.

Step 3. Just like that, you scrub until you see your fashionable shoe’s soles are completely clean.

This technique is really simple, however, there are many stains on the sole that cannot be solved with detergent. Especially for the ones made of hard rubber.

#Method 5. White vinegar and granular salt

Mix granular and white vinegar to clean shoes
Mix granular and white vinegar to clean shoes

Dilute the white vinegar and granular salt in a ratio of 1: 1. Following that, soak the shoes in this solution for about 30 minutes and then use a brush to scrub the stains.

The natural cleansing and fabric softeners found in vinegar and salt will help your shoes turn unexpectedly white.

#Method 6. Stain remover products

Another life saver for shoes with ugly grass stains is the specialized remover. These products are proven to be effective for this job, but their price may be a bit high. 

Most stain remover products are quite straightforward to use; you just need to take a soft cloth and then dip it in the cleaner. After that, apply it directly to the stain and wait for about 10-15 minutes. Once done, wash the shoes with warm water as recommended on the product label. In case the dirt just fades, not going away yet, repeat the process to get it out all the way.

How to preserve shoes from getting green grass stains
How to preserve shoes from getting green grass stains

How to preserve shoes from getting green grass stains

First, always keep your shoes, ever since the day you bought them. A good way to preserve your shoes first is to prevent stains. When you first buy it, you should use a spray-proof, waterproof nano-coating for shoes. Spray evenly every week to keep shoes clean.

Second, make it a habit to make white shoes clean in place. It may seem tedious, but regular spot cleaning will help a lot while you learn how to clean white shoes completely. To do so, wipe off any stains or scratches as soon as you see them with a mild detergent or wipe. Otherwise, they can sink into the fabric, and your task to get them completely white back will be much more difficult.

Third, which is related to the content most, when you have to go to areas with green grass, try to wrap a protective plastic around your shoes to avoid friction with the grass, or if possible, replace them with a more comfortable pair of sandals!

Final words

With all the ways on how to get grass stains out of shoes that Oak Street just taught, you can now quickly pick an effective and easy-to-do method to make your favorite pair clean like new again. Always cherish your shoes! Good luck!

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