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Handbags Or Shoes – Which Fashion Items Women Like To Buy The Most?

Are you a shoe person or a handbag person? Most women have their preferences when it comes to spending money. Handbags and shoes are on the top of the list of fashion products, which women are most excited about and the discussion about which is more thrilling: buying a good pair of shoes or a trendy bag, has been going on for years.

Handbags Or Shoes – Women Like Which Items?

A recent survey conducted by on a large sample of respondents (2,000 women) might help us determine which fashion item is the most desirable accessory for women.

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Buying a handbag is the most satisfying activity

According to the aforementioned research, women are more excited about buying a new handbag, than a new pair of shoes. Not only are the handbags at the top of the list of the most exciting fashion purchases, but in addition, one in four women has also declared that they prefer to buy a handbag than a pair of shoes.

Handbags and shoes were ranked the highest, but women also admit that they get excited, when they shop for a new summer dress, concert tickets, a new pair of jeans or a piece of jewelry. Chocolates, underwear and beauty products finish the list of the most thrilling items to buy. The research has also proven that women respond well to fashion advertising.

One-third of surveyed women admitted that they often keep ads of products, which have caught their attention, to remind themselves about items they want to buy. Three out of ten women have bought a fashion item after seeing it in an advert.

One might ask: why handbags? What makes shopping for a new handbag so exciting that it trumps even the pleasure of buying a new outfit?

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Why is shopping for a new bag such a thrill?

In our humble opinion, handbags are the 21st-century jewelry. There are so many different types of handbags out there, from small and cute handmade bags to large and convenient totes. And although handbags are the most durable and versatile of all women’s accessories, you can never have too many handbags and most handbag lover’s dream about the day when they can finally afford that one bag they absolutely need.

At the same time, handbags are often the most expensive accessories in women’s wardrobes, so spending the money on a handbag we have saved for and dreamt about for months, is a celebration of its own. Contrary to common expectations, handbag fans are not compulsive buyers, quite contrary; they often research their handbags and accessories online for weeks, before making the final purchase.

They often have to save for months to afford the one special bag, that also gives handbag lovers a sense of pleasant anticipation (the bag becomes a reward for their patience). This could also explain why cheaper items, such as chocolates or beauty products, did not make it to the top of the ranking.


Handbag fans are also interested in special deals and discounts, hence the popularity of websites, which provide information about deals on exclusive designer handbags. All of that proves that handbag fans are conscious buyers, who spend their money wisely, not impulsively.