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Tips To Look Attractive In A Shirt

Do you often look at the mirror when you wear a new shirt and still feel that you do not look as attractive as you thought? Picking up casual and formal shirts for men is very quick and easy, but looking attractive and smart is not. There is no more sitting behind the laptop screen from home.

As the pandemic is in control, your work/college demands you to step out and look your best. Well, here are some pro tips that make you look attractive and give you confidence when you are outside.

1. Go for a color that best suits you

Formal and casual shirts for men come in various colors and patterns. You might go ahead and even pick a shirt that is very attractive in color.

2. The material makes a difference

The material of the shirt makes a huge difference. Always wear something that suits your body shape and type. If you are someone who sweats out very often, avoid materials like silk, rayon and synthetic. Pick cotton or linen instead. Most of the casual and formal shirts for men come with cotton but ensure you pick something that is 100% cotton.

3. Know when to tuck in and tuck out

A tucked look is not always something that keeps you looking smart and attractive. Most of the casual shirts for men come with a style guide that says ‘avoid tucking’. If you are at your office and presenting something wearing a blazer, the best option would be to tuck in your shirt. However, if you have a protruding stomach, it is advisable to leave your shirt tucked out.

4. Pair it with the right trouser

Trousers play a vital role in making you look good. How? The material and the style of the trouser must sync with the shirt you wear. If you are wearing formal trousers, always pick a formal or a party wear shirt. Avoid wearing checks over formal trousers. Formal shirts for men are often paired with formal trousers. When you are wearing denim or chinos, avoid wearing anything that is silky or very formal.

5. Sync with the vibe and mood

It is always advisable to suit your style with the vibe and occasion of where you are. If you are at your office, avoid casual and go for plain, striped or dilute printed shirts. There is a huge collection of shirts for men who are hitting work after the pandemic lockdowns. Similarly, go get yourself some cool and funky prints and colors if you are partying or planning a vacation. For colleges, formal or casual checked shirts are the ideal styles stating clothing wear.

6. Right size is the right pick

Above all of the style tips, the tip ‘Right Size, Styles Right’ is very prominent and true. A shirt that is made to fit your body measurement makes you look as attractive as ever. Always ensure that you try the shirt before you buy it. If you are shopping online, make sure you are checking the size of the chest, shoulders, arms and even the length of the shirt before adding it to the cart.

Be it in a huge crowd, or when you are all alone, looking sharp and cool is what should always be in your mind. With these tips, you are sure to make a great fashion statement.

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