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Tips to Choose a Suitable Tankini

Shopping for a tankini can be a lengthy and overwhelming process. There are so many shapes and styles in which it is available, leaving many women confused. It’s best to pick a set that fits your body the best and offers you the coverage you need.

slimming tankini with a multi-fit bra cup fits many bust sizes comfortably. Such a piece also enhances your shape with its special body contouring power mesh. Below are various things you need to consider when looking for a suitable tankini.  

Look for Customisable Features

You can make the task of finding a suitable tankini easy by finding those that you can adjust to your needs. For instance, look for a slimming tankini with adjustable shoulder straps. You can tailor them to fit your height. The wide swim straps don’t dig into the shoulder blades and offer good bust support. Another feature to look for is removable cups.

If the cups get worn out, you can replace them without purchasing the whole swimsuit. You can also choose those tankinis that have drawstrings. These will enable you to make your top longer or shorter according to your preference.

Gauge the Embellishments

Examining embellishments is also essential. See whether the sequins are loosely sewn or tightly held together with many threads. No woman likes it when beautiful sequences and beads that make the piece so attractive fall off.

If you are going to a physical store, look at the other pieces on the rack. If you observe many of them with embellishments hanging off, it is highly probable that the one you are buying will not be able to withstand much wear and tear.

Assess the Construction

Another vital point to consider is the construction of the tankini. Is it lined or lined in only some areas? Then assess the stitching. Is it single rows, double, or zigzag stitches? Find if the threads are coming loose.

A good quality tankini is lined throughout and has either zigzag or double row stitches. When you’re at the store, go through the construction carefully. If you find the threads coming loose, the tankini will not last you for long.

Consider the Ultraviolet Protection It Offers

Wearing sun-safe swimwear is the first step you can take to safeguard your skin against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Clothing, especially swimsuits and tankinis with ultraviolet protection factor or UPF, is a fast-growing trend.

A UPF measures the effectiveness of fabric against both UVB and UVA light. The greater this number, the more effective the material is at blocking out the rays. It’s best to always look for a tankini with a UPV of 50 or above. It will ensure that the fabric will allow only less than 2 percent radiation to penetrate through. 

Understand Your Body

Before you explore the range of tankinis, it is essential to understand your body shape. For example, many pear-shaped women complain of not being able to find a suitable bathing suit. But they don’t know what this shape means for their body.

If you are pear-shaped, you need to find a suit that fits well over your thighs and hips without gaping in your waist. When you explore tankinis with this mindset, you’ll be able to find a piece that flatters your physique.

These are some significant points that you should be mindful of before you begin your shopping journey. You’ll indeed benefit from a highly comfortable and functional tankini that lasts you long.

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Author: Mary Kate