You are currently viewing Model and business owner Genesis Wesson sat with award winning publication Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine in Atlanta

Model and business owner Genesis Wesson sat with award winning publication Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine in Atlanta

Born and raised in Atlanta GA, the young mogul in the making is ready to take on the world starting with the task at hand, “Operation Shake Em Up”. “Operation Shake Em Up” is a formula created to target the modeling industry as well as the business world with her own establishment as an eye lash technician “Genesis Regalia”.

Genesis started early as a little girl modelling small gigs as most kids do, but it sparked something more than a model career, Genesis wanted to own the business rather than work for another. During her college days, she began to take things more serious after getting booked for her first music video appearance. Now it’s 2022 and Genesis has been featured in over 25 music videos with major artist.

Model and business owner Genesis Wesson

During her interview with Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine, Genesis discussed her current business matters, love and revealed a little of her spiritual side. Let’s briefly get into it. The interview was led by the Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine CEO Daze, accompanied by Chavar Smalls better known as YG, with DJ King D spinning the music.

Genesis started the interview off discussing her time spent in Fresno California where she attended Fresno City College and later moved back to Atlanta GA. Her major was Psychology and later switched to accounting. After a few drinks into the interview Daze shifted the convo to a more intimate topic, the love life.

Genesis opened up about her previous relationships and why they didn’t work. We won’t get too into that here, but we will tell you she does have qualifications when it comes to dating. One thing we can say about Genesis, her qualifications are fair and realistic when it comes to dating. Guys, take notes.

Model Genesis Wesson

As far as her doing music videos, one thing she stood tall on is woman should not do something they’re not comfortable with regardless of they pay. She expressed how her past experiences doing music videos helped her build up a wall she stands firmly on top of. Between a few more sips of tequila and laughter, the interview shifted to a much broader business perspective.

The parties discussed the importance of owning a business. Genesis owns a cosmetic line which includes being a certified eye lash tec and she has a few side hustles to keep things in order. The interview lasted about 2 hours and Genesis had no problem being true to herself.

Any civilized individual, rather man or woman can appreciate a good wholehearted woman of her caliber. Genesis Wesson is on her way to the top of her class, and she has no problem letting the world watch her grind. Get your binoculars ready because you might have to watch from afar.

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