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What Should You Consider When Buying Your Dog Clothes?

Dogs are our best friends and we want to make sure that they look as stylish as we do, especially in the winter, so if you have a dog, or thought of welcoming one into your home, at some point you may have considered whether they can wear their own clothing.

At first, it may seem like a great idea to dress your dog and make them look stylish, especially if you are heading to a party or a social event with them, but you should be mindful of the impact this could have on them.

Is it cruel to put clothes on your dog and what should be considered before doing so?

Luckily for you, we’re covering this topic in detail in this article.

Is it cruel to put clothes on your dog?

According to, it’s OK to put clothing on your dog for short periods of time, as long as they don’t seem upset or uncomfortable, but you should not leave the clothing on your dog for extended periods. You should keep an eye on your dog while the clothing is on encase they show any signs of distress.

The reason being is because it can result in skin damage as the clothing can irritate their skin, and the feeling of tight clothing may upset your dog. It’s not a common feeling for them so the experience may be frightening.

The general consensus across dog experts is that it’s OK to dress them in the winter, but it shouldn’t be for long. A surprise visit to relatives at Christmas wearing a hat or mini Santa outfit would be tolerable, but when the surprise is over, you should remove the clothing.

Do dogs feel uncomfortable wearing clothes?

Yes, some dogs may immediately show signs of being uncomfortable when clothing is put on, such as staying still, attempting to bite the clothing, or barking/howling. If your dog shows any of these signs then you should immediately remove the clothing.

On the other hand, if your dog is moving around freely and doesn’t seem upset, with no change in their personality or behaviour, then this is a positive sign that they are OK with being clothed up!

Conclusion to buying your dog clothes!

If you plan to dress up your dog for a special event, then you should do so at home first to monitor their reaction and response. It may be that your dog responds positively to the experience and if so, you can give yourself the thumbs up!

However, if your dog doesn’t like it, you should never force them to wear clothes, and you certainly shouldn’t put clothing on them during intense physical activity. Clothing during exercise will only exacerbate the irritation of the skin, due to sweating, and could result in them overheating, so it’s not recommended.

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