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The Platinum Standard: Why Choose Platinum Diamond Rings Over Gold?

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Your engagement ring is one of the most important and, many times, expensive purchases you will ever make in your life. Should you go with platinum or gold? As it turns out, there are several reasons why choosing platinum diamond engagement rings instead of gold may be best for your needs as a soon-to-be-married couple. Here are some of the benefits of choosing platinum rings over gold rings.

Just about any bride-to-be will tell you that she wants the best ring possible for her engagement and wedding ring set, no matter what the cost. She may not even care how much it costs or what it’s made of, as long as it has the right look to match her personality and style perfectly. The problem is, there are countless varieties of rings out there, each with its pros and cons, which can make choosing one all the more difficult. If you’re considering platinum diamond engagement rings vs gold engagement rings, then read this article before making your final decision!

Platinum purity and hue

Platinum is a naturally white metal. Thus it does not need to be combined with other chemicals to achieve that cold tone. Furthermore, almost all platinum is 95% and 5% other pure alloys, hence the more fantastic price.

Platinum purity and hue

Platinum’s gentle white tone is visually appealing. Still, it is also known for its hardness and endurance – so much so that platinum was taken off the market for military usage during WWII. Platinum is an excellent choice for folks looking for a decisive engagement ring.

Platinum Diamond Rings – Why They’re The Best Choice For You!

The colour remains intact for years.

When shopping for an engagement or wedding band, seek a metal that will endure a long time without discolouring. Platinum wedding rings or platinum engagement rings are the most excellent options. It is a naturally white metal that does not require any upkeep to keep its hue. If you choose white gold, keep in mind that it will become yellow over time. Furthermore, white gold requires regular maintenance.

Platinum Diamond Rings

Hypoallergenic rings

Another advantage of platinum in Platinum diamond engagement rings is that it is non-allergenic. Because it is a naturally white metal, there is no need to mix it with nickel, which can be an allergy for certain people. Nickel is one of the alloys necessary to generate the white gold finish, which might be problematic for those with nickel sensitivities. However, coating white gold with a top layer of rhodium plating lowers and occasionally eliminates contact between the nickel and one’s skin.

Hypoallergenic rings

Easy to maintain

Platinum metal requires less upkeep and maintenance than gold. Platinum may be regularly cleaned and appear brand new with an annual polishing. The metal is not chipped or lost when scraped; it shifts. A short buff and polish can reposition the platinum. A brief swipe with a jewellery polishing cloth will return the platinum metal to its original position. Maintain your Platinum diamond engagement rings without much hassle.

The Platinum Standard

Diamond-friendly seating

Platinum is more robust than gold and white gold, assuring the safety of any diamond set in the ring. Therefore, the diamonds would be held in place while looking for platinum rings for couples or a simple platinum diamond ring for yourself or a loved one. As a result, you will never be embarrassed to give them as the priceless diamonds will never fall out from the platinum diamond engagement rings.

Diamond-friendly seating


Choosing an engagement ring with which to propose to your beloved can be a difficult process, especially when faced with the dozens of different metals, shapes, and cuts available. But there’s another question to answer once you’ve picked the perfect diamond ring style: Platinum or gold? There are plenty of reasons why many people still choose the platinum diamond engagement rings over gold as their metal of choice, and this article hopefully helped you clear your doubts and concerns.