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How to make baby pinafore dresses at home?

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  • Post last modified:October 25, 2021
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One of the nicest things about having children is dressing them up. Especially if your little one is a girl, sewing unique and one-of-a-kind dresses is a fun thing to do for many moms around the world. Today I am looking at a very interesting hobie – making children’s clothing at home.

I never thought it’s a thing, but apparently it is and it’s fun!

Why do people sew children’s clothing?

Little ones can grow very fast and moms have to throw away clothing every month. This also means buying new clothes. There is a solution for handy moms who are both frugal and creative – sewing patterns!

Let’s say you want to make a nice dress for your baby or toddler girl. Let’s say you will want to make the same, but bigger dress when she grows bigger and bigger. Here’s what you do…

Just buy a pinafore dress sewing pattern

I tried many of them and here’s the truth – Otter Patterns is the shop you want to get your childrens sewing patterns if you are serious about them. Not all of us are sewing and clothing construction wunderkinds, so we want things simplified and easy…

That’s what this shop offers. You buy a sewing pattern with detailed and easy to follow instructions. They have all sorts of dresses, baby pants, children sweatshirts, rompers and many other nice patterns, but I liked this toddler pinafore dress pattern the most. Simply visit Otter Patterns online sewing pattern shop and buy any children clothing pattern you like.

Then you should order fabric prints of your choice. Everybody has different tastes, like different colors and more, so I leave this creative part to you. As long as the fabric fits the sewing pattern you bought (for this pinafore dress it’s light or medium woven) – you just order it and wait for it to arrive.

It’s time to sew your dream kids pinafore dress!

Simply print the pattern out and follow the instructions that Otter Pattern shop provides you with. No matter if you are experienced or not, I promise that you will have your children pinafore dress all done in a couple of hours. The best part?

You can make more than one dress at a time, just make sure you order plenty of different fabrics and materials.

Handy parents can save up thousands of dollars by making children clothing at home

I found out about this simple hobby from one of my handy friends. I tried it and I can tell you, I make some of my children’s clothing at home. This saves our family a big chunk of cash, as children’s clothing costs quite a lot and they grow out of them so fast. So fast.

Handy parents can save up thousands of dollars by making children clothing at home

With services like Otter Patterns, expect to spend just a couple of dollars for instructions on how to make childrens clothing pieces. Best part? After you bought your sewing pattern from Otter Patterns – you can make different sizes of the same clothing piece. This means you can buy one style and use it for your baby, toddler and children up to 6 years old.

If you are handy or like learning new things – try this one out! Seriously, you will love it!

The pinafore dress that I made for my girl turned out just fine the first time. I sewed like 6 more dresses as I ordered more fabric, and each one of those lovely girly dresses looked cuter than the other.

I totally recommend this hobie for any mom that has a bit of time and likes to dress their children in some more unconventional or unique way. I know I love it!