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Six Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring

The perfect ring is your last step in claiming your happily ever after. Nothing says I love you than the sparkly ring glittering against your partner’s finger.

What’s more, the unfiltered joy and happiness shining from their eyes when they see you picked out the best choice is priceless. So, you can’t cut corners when you finally get around to finding a wedding ring.

About 80% of couples admit they have dropped hints to their partners about their ring preference. So the question is, how well were you paying attention?

Here are some tips on choosing the ring made for your partner:

Have A Style In Mind

Style is all about the overall look and feel of the ring. Carefully picking out all ring components like a band, cut, and color results in a gorgeous style.

So before buying and customizing your ring, have an idea of what you want. If you like traditional rings, you want simplicity and beauty wrapped in one.

Most classic rings have clean bands, pavé accents, and little stones scattered across the band. Other traditional designs include getting a Celtic knot, which has gained popularity over the years.

The trick to finding the Best Celtic knot wedding rings is to determine the type of metal and embellishments you require. Once you’re done with that, you should be able to make a pick.

Ireland is filled with rich history and romantic stories like no other. The Celtic knot is like the union of two souls; if you want your love to shine in the ring you wear, this timeless piece is the one for you.

If you’re a modern lover, you can go for clean bands with a pear-shaped drop or a channel setting in which rows of diamonds get fitted into unique grooves so they cannot fall off.

Pin Down A Budget

There is no denying wedding rings are expensive these days. This is nothing like your usual purchase, and you may have to save up for quite some time before buying one.

About 16% of your wedding cost may get poured into the ring. Having a budget in mind can make it easier for you to delegate money and shop accordingly.

While over $5,000 for a ring is way too pricey, over $2,500 is normal. The last thing you would want is to dip into your savings and drain a significant amount of jewelry alone.

Have your partner on board with this conversation. Learn how expensive they want their ring to be.

Pick Out The Metal

The wedding band needs to have good metal. Choosing cheaper quality material will not look as attractive as you want it to be.

Most classic wedding bands are platinum, silver, gold, yellow gold, and white gold. But electrolysis allows you to get any color you want, given it suits the stone.

Recently colors like rose gold and blush pink are also becoming popular. These are light shades of pink that look beautiful.

Platinum bands are more expensive than silver ones. These are also heavier and may not be readily available at the ring store.

Silver gets tarnished easily, while gold is prone to scratch. So if you want a one-of-a-kind platinum piece, start your ring hunt early.

At times the band will get tarnished and scratched. If your partner has too much manual labor, pick a durable, easy-to-wear metal that won’t get damaged if it falls.

Think About The Carat Size

Social media posts and movies emphasize flamboyant rings. You may see how flaunting the size of your stone makes the ring look expensive and exquisite.

There is no competition with significant cuts. However, you must know what your partner wants instead of going for the giant ring in the store.

You have numerous options while picking out the size of the carat. These go from minor cuts to absolute large ones.

Most prospective newlyweds prefer 1.08 to 1.2 carats when picking out a ring. The carat size also depends on the density of the gemstone. Diamonds are less than sapphires for the same cut.

Ultimately your taste plays a significant role. You may want an aged diamond that is translucent or a natural cut. Factoring all these components helps you decide the weight of the stone.

Get Measured

Your tuxedo, wedding dress, and shoes get measured before you try them on, and your wedding ring is no exception.

Before saying Yes to the ring, ensure it fits appropriately because you wouldn’t want your finger to get stuck during your wedding if the ring is too small.

You should also mention if you have a health condition that causes swelling in your fingers.

Buy From A Certified Store

Rings are not certified, but the diamonds are. When you’re buying in person, you will get a diamond certificate. This certification is vital since it informs you that your purchase is legit.

These are also known as the diamond grading report. The Gemological Institute of America will take note of a diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat under a microscope and compile this information for you.

Following the report, you will learn about the diamond you picked and where it stands on a grade sheet. Gems like emeralds and rubies have different sheets and get studied.

Final Thoughts

The ring is an essential part of your wedding ceremony. As you stand facing them, you’re a ring away from being lawfully wedded, so the jewelry you pick out has to fit the occasion.

Shopping for a ring is never easy, but it’s easy if you plan on what you want from the get-go.

You should know the style you’re aiming for and picture the overall look. Make sure you have a budget to back up your vision. The metal of your ring is as vital as the stone.

An adequately stretched-out band makes for an excellent ring. The next step is getting the most appropriate carat on your ring. Depending on the gemstone, the weight will differ. Finally, conclude your ring buying by getting your finger measured and ensure that you consult a diamond grading sheet before settling on the ring you want.