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Things to Consider When Choosing NYC Laser Tattoo Lightening

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There are many reasons why people get tattoos and feel right at the moment of getting them. Life changes, and maybe you regret having your tattoo.

At this point, you may feel the need to remove it, and this is where NYC laser tattoo lightening comes in to help you get rid of the tattoo. While tattoos are said to be permanent, they are no longer a life sentence. With advanced laser tattoo lighting technology, you can remove your tattoo effectively.

Here are the things to consider when choosing laser tattoo lightening in NYC

Type of Laser Technology Used

With many lasers in the market, you need to look for a clinic that uses the correct laser to protect your skin from damage and completely remove the tattoo.

Choose a clinic using the new generation Nanosecond Q-switched laser technology as it is safe and has multiple wavelengths able to treat all tattoo ink colors. Avoid clinic using old laser technology as you will require more treatments to eradicate the tattoo.


Experience and Certification

Don’t just walk into any tattoo removal clinic. Always choose a clinic that is certified and has experienced medical professionals. They have the right kind of lasers and treatments and know how to use them right.

Number of Treatments Required and Guarantee

The number of treatments required to clear a tattoo varies depending on the size, ink type and color, location, age, depth, and skin type. Look for a treatment that gives accurate treatment times.

Usually, you might require 5-8 treatments spaced out in 6-8 weeks. Any person promising you quick results and painless procedures might be misleading you.

Also, look for a clinic that guarantees continuity of treatment for free if the estimated number of treatments passes and the tattoo is still vivid. Some clinics don’t offer guarantee so ask before you commit.

If you have a tattoo, regret that you would love to remove, you are welcome for a consultation. We are a certified NYC laser tattoo lightening clinic providing the best laser treatments. Contact us here today.

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