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The Guide to Finding an Evening Dress

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  • Post last modified:December 4, 2021
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Dressing in evening attire for all those cocktail parties can be a lot of fun.

You can be creative at the use of your daytime wardrobe as a base for evening attire. Although there will be that special black-tie affair you will want to buy a new dress for. Without instructions sometimes it’s hard for you to know just what to wear. That’s why it is best in trying to keep it simple.

Here’s some basics to start with:

You should have a simple black, navy, or brown dress in your basic wardrobe. This dress should have a fabric such as a jersey, crepe or raw silk all year-round. The best style to have is a simple, straight, short-sleeved sheath that falls an inch or two above your knee, depending on your height.

It might take you a while to find this dress. Start shopping for it now before you really need it. Take the time to find a dress that fits you perfectly. You have to feel very comfortable every time you put it on.

Make a budget for this purchase. You don’t want to be held back from buying the perfect dress because you can’t afford it. Now you have a perfect basic dress and simple pumps in your basic color. You can wear the dress and pumps with matching hose alone and go anywhere without looking out of place.

Here’s are ten easy pieces for your evening attire:

Cocktail Dress

Should be either in black, brown, or navy. It should be sexier than your basic dress. Just add some accessories, hose, and you can go anywhere.

Long Skirt

Should be either in black, brown, or navy. This would be a part of your work wardrobe. Just add accessories and it becomes evening.

Sequence Jacket

The fabric that makes this jacket evening wear. Do not wear this jacket during the day. It can be in silver, gold, or colored sequins.

Silk or chiffon pants

In a basic color. A soft loose palazzo pant under a sweatshirt from Mini Activewear is dressy enough for any special occasion.

Lace or sequin bodysuit

Have a black or white for versatility. A bodysuit is not for those without a defined waist. You need to wear loose-fitting lace over a blouse instead.

Suede pumps in a basic color

Get an open-toe or higher heel than you would wear during the day.

Evening bag in a basic color

Get an evening bag without gold or silver trim, so it doesn’t clash with your jewelry.


In a basic color, A shawl can dress up any outfit, but wear your coat on colder evenings.

Sheer Hose

Wear an evening hose that is smooth for the sexy leg look. Save an opaque hose for a day.