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The Evolution of Kimberly Stone’s Fashion Platform

Entrepreneur, Kimberly Stone offers a unique way for people to interact with the luxury product world through her fashion platform POSHGLAM. Established in 2005, the long-standing site is fashion news and social marketplace.

The platform user base and curation of luxury designers have made it a go-to site for all things fashion. For years it has enabled brands to establish amazing connections with customers, while also expanding their market at the same time.

Now POSHGLAM is shifting to attract luxury brands to sell on the site via the social shopping experience. The platform will combine its news, social, and marketplace aspects with a new eCommerce platform. This evolution will create not only an eCommerce platform but an immersive buying experience. An experience both the user and fashionista will want to be vocal and social about.

Kimberly Stone is a Plus-size model who took to entrepreneurship at a young age after being encouraged by her family to start something of her own. Her love for art, fashion, design, and media led her to start POSHGLAM while attending college.

Since its inception, POSHGLAM has helped countless fashion designers and brands expand to the recognizable brands we all currently love. POSHGLAM is currently looking for new brands to host their wares on the site.

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