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Tips when you have items to pawn in pawn shops in Scottsdale

The very first thing you must do is find the right pawn shop. This may seem like a silly statement, but it is true. You can start with online internet research. Check out what other people are saying about their dealings with pawn shops in the Phoenix valley.

Remember that many times people will complain before they will compliment when reviewing shops on independent websites such as YELP or GOOGLE.

Read each comment and find those that are talking about situations much like your own. Consider talking with friends and family members that may have used pawn shops. They can be quite opinionated but listen and pick out the important information.

Remember that some pawn shops specialize in certain items. You will likely be able to pick this up as you are doing your internet research or from a discussion with your friend or relative.

AZ Jewelry and Loan specialize in fine jewelry and watches, high-end collector coins and collectables, antiques, and other valuable items. Our staff has extensive experience in the appraisal of fine, unique collectables and jewelry. We also offer title or registration loans on vehicles—both cars and motorcycles. 

Be sure that you understand the pawn loan process at pawn shops in Scottsdale.  You are using your property as collateral against the loan. In return, the pawnbroker lends you money for a set amount of time and for a set fee. If you find that you cannot pay off the loan in the original amount of time you must discuss new terms or you will lose your property. 

Another thing to be sure of before you go to a pawn shop is whether you plan to pawn or sell your item. Most pawn shops also buy items for cash which they then sell. The decision should be based on your ability to repay the loan and the value you place on the item.

If you are honestly unsure of what you would like to do consider getting the items appraised, then go home to think about what you will do. Reputable pawn shops in Scottsdale will have no problem with your need for time to decide.

Be prepared to negotiate whether you are pawning or selling. While pawn store owners and staff will give you a fair price for the item they are not collectors. A collector may value your coins at $50 but you will likely be offered less for the coins at a pawn shop.

Decide on a minimum price you will take for an item ahead of time. Since not all pawn shops are the same consider going to a few to see what price you are given at each, along with what their terms for a loan are if that is what you want. Then decide where you will pawn or sell your item.

When pawning a valuable piece of jewelry consider having a professional jeweler write up an appraisal for the item. You may feel better having an independent valuation rather than only the pawnbroker’s appraisal.

If you feel what you are being offered for the item is low you can talk with the pawnbroker about your professional jeweler appraisal price to see if it will change their offering price.

Lastly, bring your item in good shape. Clean up the item. Dust and dirt will decrease their value. If it runs on batteries be sure there are functional batteries in it so that you can demonstrate how it works.

Bring the instruction manual so that the next person will know how to use the item if you are selling it or if you lose the item because you cannot repay the loan. Of all the pawns shops in Scottsdale you will find that AZ Jewelry and Loan is the best.

We offer top dollar for items you wish to pawn or sell. You will also find our fees reasonable on loans.

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