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How To Attract Customers With A Free Consultation

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  • Post last modified:June 21, 2020
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If you run a service-based business, offering free consultation can be a useful and effective marketing strategy. This is because it gives you a chance to connect with new clients, market your services, and demonstrate the value you offer to your clients.

When used correctly, a free consultation can take your business in a competitive edge. In case you’re are wondering how here is how to attract new customers with a free consultation.

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Position Your Company as a Proven Problem Solver

When a client reaches you enquiring about your services, it is very likely that they would love to hear your ideas. You have to position yourself as a standing out problem solver and address all their pain points.

By asking as many questions as possible to your prospect will help you offer solutions to all their pain points. Also, highlight how you have provided solutions to a client with similar challenges, the results gained and how you helped them.

This helps the prospects to earn the trust that you are capable of addressing their case if you have handled a similar scenario. Offering track records of success will demonstrate your competency and will end up winning customers.

Avoid Pitching Directly

When you encourage your prospects to book free consultation using your email marketing campaigns, this offers you a channel, to pitch your services. However, you have to be smart about this. When a client call, remember that you’re offering counsel and not a sales pitch.

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It is only after at the end of your consultation and after gauging that your prospect found it useful that you can request for a proposal to implement some of your recommendations.

Boost Your Consultation with Case Studies

You can boost the success of your consultation with a simple case study. This is to give a snapshot of what you do and how quantifiably it helped a client. Prospects like seeing success track records and a simple case study will help.