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Cosmetic Surgery Treatments For Frown Lines On Face

While it is perfectly normal and natural to exhibit frown lines when you get angry, concerned or when you voluntarily frown, you seriously need to worry when frown lines suddenly become a permanent feature on your face. Permanent frown lines eventually develop to become wrinkles, certainly the last thing you want to have on your face.

Naturally, frown lines emanate from both the corrugator supercilii and procerus muscles located within your forehead. It is these muscles that surgery for frown treatment techniques targets to get rid of permanent frown lines.

Botox treatments technique is one of the most popular surgical frown line treatment techniques you may consider receiving in your effort to get rid of frown lines. Botox treatment involves the injection of a reasonable amount of Botox into both the corrugator and procerus muscles.

Depending on the amount injected, the muscles can either freeze or have their activity slowed down. It is common for first-time treatment seekers to have minimal injection amounts for assessment purposes over a period of three months before the dose can be increased. Because the activity of both muscles is reduced, frown lines gradually smoothen out leaving you with a youthful face once more.

The other surgical treatment option you may opt to get rid of frown lines from your face is hyaluronic acid. Naturally, hyaluronic acid is a sugar compound found in bodies of living organisms.

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That used in treating frown lines is however biodegradable and not obtained from animals. Like with Botox, hyaluronic acid (fillers) is injected into your facial skin. It, however, does not affect the activity of muscles. It instead fills up frown line creases, smoothing the same out. While Botox takes several days to take effect, fillers take effect immediately.

Forehead lift is another frown line treatment you may consider receiving. This treatment is offered as a cosmetic surgical treatment where a surgeon makes an incision along your hair line to have access to both corrugated and procerus muscles that are cut. This reduces muscle functionality, which makes it possible for frown lines to clear away.

Cosmetic Surgery For Frown Lines On Face

The cost of receiving these treatments can vary a great deal. Botox treatment on average cost between US$300 and $600 per injection. Repeat injections are usually recommended every three months. Fillers that have become very popular on the average cost of US$600 per injection.

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Note that you can have multiple injections with a full syringe, which in most cases is enough. A forehead lift is very costly. This is because such fees as consultation, treatment facility, and surgeon’s fees are payable. The cost varies between US$6,000 and $12,000 depending on various factors.

A common trend that has emerged is where many treatment seekers choose to have both Botox and Fillers treatments at the same time. Although results are always encouraging, such a combination may not be suitable for you.

You may need to undergo various tests for evaluation purposes before you can safely receive the treatment. This will obviously force you to seek treatment from a professional cosmetic surgeon rather than receive the same from a salon or beauty parlor.