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Plastic Surgery: Finding an Easy Solution after Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the answer to the problem of some women who have gone through a mastectomy. Although a lot of them seem to lose hope because they think that breast cancer does not give them any option to regain their breasts or they believe that they are going to spend the rest of their lives without breasts. Fortunately, they can have them again through reconstruction, with the shape they want.

Initially, a reconstructed breast is far from perfect. You may be happy because you get your chest back, only to realize later that that is not the shape you want. Because of the dissatisfaction that some women may feel about this, plastic surgery is providing several great options to repair reconstructed breasts. Through this, you can achieve the changes you want and make it appear natural.

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After breast reconstruction, problems relating to nipple may arise. One common problem is the placement that makes the areola look a bit odd. This may be quite difficult for a surgeon to readjust in case the former reconstruction does not get the exact positioning, either a bit high or low. However, a practiced plastic surgeon can modify the placement of your nipples and make them look natural.

Plastic Surgery Finding an Easy Solution

There are a number of options offered in order to change the size and shape of reconstructed breasts. The most common method used to restore the size is through implants; while breast reduction technique is used in order to make them appear smaller.

Muscle flaps as well as TRAM flaps are commonly used for breast enhancement, as a natural substitute to implants. Both these methods make use of the tissue derived from particular parts of one’s own body and transfer them into the breasts.

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Most doctors find it easier to perform the procedure with the natural breast compared to the reconstructed one. It can be sensitive to work on the reconstructed breast since it may not totally heal yet. Allow the surgeon to assess the condition; surely, they will use their proficiency to decide on the option that is suitable for you.

Plastic surgery is a good procedure following breast reconstruction to smooth out the edges. Similar to other surgical procedures, some complications may occur; however, to some people, the benefits are more important than their fears.