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Fast Fashion And Fast Skincare

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  • Post last modified:August 21, 2022
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Let’s take everything slowly, even fashion and skincare. Do you know how to slow fashion? Often, we get lured by attractive designs, prices, labels, etc. that make us buy new apparel without giving it much thought on the lines of utility. However, fast fashion is not sustainable. Also, many beauty companies aren’t as well. Try to opt for organic, vegan skincare, and make sure you read everything about the companies you decide to support.

SHEIN is THE fast fashion giant and not at all in a good way. As long as they are not held truly accountable for the social and environmental damage that they cause, the fast fashion model will continue to remain as harmful as ever.

I don’t believe that limited edition “eco” “conscious” “recycled” collections are going to make a difference whilst being sold alongside thousands of other fast fashion garments from the very same brand. 

It’s confusing for consumers to be convinced this is making a big impact – we need more transparency! Taking action for nature, people & the planet can come in many different forms. If you’re opting for good skincare, make sure it’s clean skincare.

I read this everywhere, “sustainability is trending.” And brands are cashing in on it. They push conscious lines, add “sustainability” pages to their websites, and do their best to greenwash us into believing that buying their products will save us. 

If you have the impression that to be sustainable you need to drop a load of cash on the perfectly aesthetic earth-tone wardrobe or on “sustainable” swaps of everything you own, that is because capitalism found a way to monetize our collective concern for our future.

Given this, it is crucial to recognize that being sustainable and implementing sustainable habits in our daily lives is nothing new. It did not begin with the reusable straw and the keep cup, but it started with people to whom sustainability is part of their culture and to whom it is intrinsic to their everyday existence.

And here, I refer to things such as mending and caring for the things you own for a long time, respecting the nature surrounding you, and making the most out of the resources you have and rarely throw away.

Unsubscribing from newsletters from online shops is a quick and easy tip, available to anyone interested in slowing down their shopping habits. It is the first step to freeing yourself from a seemingly inescapable stream of advertisements. In beauty, focus on minimalism and get only the basics – a good face oil and face serum.

And although it is nearly impossible to avoid marketing from fashion and beauty brands, limiting it as much as possible will make the constant need to buy more slowly fade away. And consequently, it will also prevent impulse buys!

Personally, I felt liberated after flash sales, new season drops, and other marketing materials designed to make me feel like I’m missing out unless I buy whatever they’re advertising were no longer filling my inbox. Do you have an inbox full of spammy marketing emails from fast fashion companies?