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Women Over 40: How to Hydrate your Hair in the Summertime?

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Just like when your skin becomes dry and rough when exposed to harsh and extreme weather, certain environmental aggressors can also cause harm to your hair. During the summer, for instance, your hair will be at risk of losing its moisture not only because of the UV rays but due to exposure to salty ocean water and chlorinated pools.

If you don’t do something to protect your hair from such summer season factors, your hair strands will end up getting dry, dull, and brittle. This warrants the need for additional care and attention. This is even more important for women over 40 whose hair strands are more vulnerable to damage.

The best thing that you can do to fight the damaging effects of the summer season on your aging hair is to keep it as hydrated and moisturized as possible. How can you do that in the summer heat? Here are some tips:

Make deep conditioning a part of your routine

Because of the summer heat, it is crucial to improve the way you care for your hair by adding more routines designed to keep it hydrated. In this case, you can use a deep-conditioning formula. When planning to use a deep conditioner for your hair, make sure to go for one that contains moisturizing ingredients, such as almond oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.

Another moisturizing ingredient that you can find in a deep conditioner is shea butter. It boosts the health of not only your hair but also your skin. Go for one that contains glycerin or aloe vera as the two have moisturizing properties. Make this deep conditioning formula a part of your hair care routines once or twice weekly and you will surely notice your hair getting hydrated.

Brush more carefully

Be extra careful when brushing your hair. Your goal should be to distribute moisture evenly along each strand. Make it a point to detangle your hair gently using a large round brush.

For extremely frizzy and dry hair, combine the use of a wide-tooth comb with a detangling spray so you can lower the risk of possible damage and breakage. Also, remember that your hair strands are more fragile when they are wet, so avoid brushing right after swimming or showering.

Prepare your hair before using a blow-dryer

Undoubtedly, a blow dryer is a very useful tool for your hair. Aside from giving your hair shape, it can also make your locks look shinier and more polished. Note, though, that the blow-dryer can only perform its intended function well if you prepare your hair using the correct styling products first.

In this case, check the type and present condition of your hair. If you have fine hair, apply a moisturizing hair volumizer before blow-drying it. You may also want to use a healing hair lotion for damaged hair. If you have coarse or thick hair, use a rich cream.

Most of these products contain ingredients that may prevent the blow-drying process from diminishing your hair’s moisture. It is also advisable to use a heat protection product, one that may protect your hair from dryness and other damage caused by heat.

Protect your hair before swimming

If you are planning to have a vacation somewhere where you can swim this summer, like in an ocean, lake, or pool, remind yourself not to dive in the water unless you have put on a sort of protection for your hair. Note that saltwater and chlorine are among the major causes of extremely dry hair during the summer.

With that in mind, protect your hair from potential damage by coating it with a rich hair mask or leave-in conditioner before diving into the water. This can give your hair additional protection while you swim. Use a wide-tooth comb to apply the product to your hair and assure you of even distribution.

Wear heatless hairstyles

It would also be a much better idea to avoid styling your hair using heat during the summer. Choose heatless hairstyles, instead. Styling your hair without heat will retain natural moisture. You can actually style your hair into twists, loose waves, braids, or messy buns even without using hot tools.

In this case, you can seek the help of no-blow dry creams that use new formulations designed to help you style your hair without the need for any heat. Such products may also give the frizz control and soft hold necessary for supporting your heatless hairstyles and making them stay in place.

Massage your scalp

Make sure that a scalp massage is now part of your hair-care routines. This is necessary as it increases the flow of blood in the area while also stimulating the production of sebum, the natural and healthy oil found in your scalp.

During your scalp massage, you can actually use some oils that are safe for your hair. These include argan, coconut, jojoba, and avocado oils. The good thing about a scalp massage with the mentioned oils is that it can condition your skin and hair, especially at the roots.


The tips for hydrating hair for women over 40 during the summer season will never be complete without the most important one, which is to drink more water. This is the ultimate secret to fighting dehydration, keeping your hair as hydrated, nourished, and healthy as possible. Hydrating by drinking sufficient amounts of water also has this added advantage of making your skin glow, which is good if you are already in your 40s.

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