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Can You Return Makeup At Target?

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Yes, you can return makeup at Target. According to the store’s official returns policy, customers are able to return products purchased in-store or online within 90 days of purchase if they have the original receipt. In addition, items must be unopened and unused with all packaging intact.

If a customer does not have a receipt, Target may allow them to make an even exchange or issue store credit based on the item’s current selling price. Some exclusions may apply so it is best to consult with a store representative prior to making any returns or exchanges.

  • Gather the makeup item(s) you want to return and their original packaging: Begin by gathering the items you wish to return, along with any accessories that came with them (such as application tools or instruction pamphlets). Also make sure you have all of the original product packaging.
  • Ensure that your item is within Target’s Return Policy: Before attempting a return, check to see if your makeup products are eligible for a refund under Target’s Refund & Exchange policies. You can view these on their website or in-store at customer service desks.
  • Bring Your Item(s) To A Local Store: Once you’ve identified which products are eligible for a refund, take your item(s) back to any local Target store, along with proof of purchase such as a receipt or order number.
  • Speak To Customer Service Representative: When returning an item at one of their stores, look for the customer service desk and speak directly to an associate about processing your return request. They will guide you through the rest of the process – including issuing a full refund whenever possible!
  • Receive Your Refund Processing Timeframe: Most returns should be processed within 7 business days from when they were initiated in-store; however, this may vary depending on how long it takes for Target’s system to authorize and issue refunds back into customers’ accounts/payment methods used during checkout (credit cards).
Can You Return Makeup At Target?


What Items Cannot Be Returned at Target?

When it comes to returns at Target, there are certain items that cannot be returned. These include opened media (movies, music, video games and software), health & personal care items that have been opened or used, and select electronics including Apple products. Additionally, Target’s return policy prohibits the return of cigarettes, alcohol-related items such as beer or wine openers; food items; non-Target branded contact lenses; firearms and ammunition; prepaid cards such as gift cards and phone cards; airbeds if their packaging has been opened; bullion/precious metals coins/bars/rods; holiday decor once the season is over (Christmas trees in January); perishable goods like flowers or plants as well as live animals.

Finally, all clearance merchandise marked “non-returnable” on its label must not be returned either. It’s important to bear this information in mind when making purchases from Target since these non-refundable item categories may change depending on the store’s policies.

Can You Return Opened Makeup?

Yes, you can return opened makeup. Many cosmetics stores have a generous policy and will accept returns of opened items, as long as they are in good condition. For example, Sephora allows customers to return any item within 60 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange even if it has been used or damaged.

Other stores may also allow similar leniency when returning opened makeup products; however, it is always best to check the store’s return policies before making your purchase. Additionally, some online retailers may offer free returns on all purchases regardless of whether they were opened or not. When returning an opened cosmetic item make sure to include any packaging materials such as boxes and manuals that came with the product so that you can receive a full refund or exchange for your purchase.

Can I Return Opened Makeup to Ulta?

Yes, you can return opened makeup to Ulta. With their hassle-free return policy, you can simply bring the item back to any store location within 60 days of purchase or exchange it for something else. You don’t even need a receipt!

All returns must include all original packaging and accessories in order to receive a full refund. If there is an issue with the product itself — like it’s missing pieces or has been damaged — let your local Ulta store know so they can process the return accordingly. Additionally, many products purchased online are eligible for free returns as well; just check out the details on their website before making any purchases!

Ultimately, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, Ulta makes returning items easy and stress-free.

Can You Return Ulta to Target?

No, unfortunately you cannot return Ulta products to Target. While both stores provide many of the same types of items such as cosmetics, beauty products and accessories, they are two separate companies that do not have a formal partnership. If you would like to return or exchange an item purchased from Ulta Beauty, it must be done in-store at one of their locations or via mail if necessary.

Also note that any returns must meet the guidelines outlined on their website before being accepted. Thank you for your understanding!

Can You Return Opened Makeup to Sephora?

Yes, you can return opened makeup to Sephora. The store’s generous return policy allows customers to return items within 60 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange with the original sales receipt and packaging. This includes used and opened makeup products so long as they meet the rest of Sephora’s requirements such as being in its original condition, unused, and unaltered.

However, there are some exceptions where certain highly discounted items cannot be returned or exchanged at any time; these items will generally include “Final Sale” on their product pages. If you’re ever unsure if an item is eligible for a return or not just give customer service a call—they’ll be able to help you out!

Why Did Target Let Me Keep My Return?

At Target, customer satisfaction is always a top priority. Recently I had the pleasure of being able to return an item that I had purchased from them and was pleasantly surprised when they allowed me to keep my return despite it not being within their standard refund policy. The reason why they let me keep my return was because the item wasn’t quite working as expected due to a manufacturing defect which meant that it could not be sold again in store or online.

In order to ensure that I remained satisfied with my purchase, Target decided to waive the restocking fee and allow me to keep the item at no additional cost – something which really showed their commitment towards providing excellent customer service!

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Can You Return Makeup at Target Without a Receipt

Yes, you can return makeup at Target without a receipt! Under the store’s Return Policy, customers have 90 days to return most items with or without a physical receipt. If you don’t have your original purchase information handy, simply bring in the item and provide your valid government-issued photo ID for verification.

The value of returned items will be credited back to the form of payment used for the original purchase.


In conclusion, Target offers a generous return policy for makeup products purchased in their stores and online. With a 90-day window to make returns, customers can feel confident that they will be able to get back the money they spent if they are not satisfied with their purchase. For those who want to save time and avoid making an extra trip, there is also the option of returning items by mail or via curbside pickup.

With these options available, shoppers can rest assured that returning unwanted makeup at Target is hassle-free.