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Who Owns Milk Makeup?

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Milk makeup is owned by the beauty conglomerate lvmh. Milk makeup was founded in 2016 by mazdack rassi, zanna roberts rassi, georgie greville, and dianna ruth, but has since been acquired by lvmh in 2020.

Lvmh is the owner of other popular beauty brands such as fenty beauty, sephora, and marc jacobs beauty. Milk makeup is known for its cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, as well as its innovative packaging and clean ingredients. The brand has gained a loyal following among millennials and gen z consumers who value sustainability and inclusivity in their beauty products. With the support of lvmh, milk makeup is poised to continue growing and expanding its reach in the beauty industry.

Who Owns Milk Makeup?


The Founders Of Milk Makeup

Milk makeup is an edgy and innovative makeup brand that has been shaking up the beauty industry since its inception. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the power behind the brand and explore who owns milk makeup?

Let’s start by examining the founders’ roles in creating such a successful makeup empire and how they continue to shape its future.

Melissa Butler’S Vision

Melissa butler is one of the co-founders of milk makeup, who had a vision to create a makeup brand that was both modern and eco-conscious.

  • Melissa butler wanted to create a makeup brand that catered to busy urbanites who were looking for an easy-to-use, yet stylish range of products.
  • Her vision for milk makeup was to offer makeup products that were vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly.
  • Her entrepreneurial mindset and passion for sustainability drove her to create a brand that prioritizes transparency, ethical production, and sustainable packaging.

Dianna Ruth’S Expertise

As the second co-founder, dianna ruth brought her expertise in the beauty industry to the table.

  • Dianna ruth’s expertise in product development and branding helped bring melissa butler’s vision to life.
  • She has experience in the beauty industry, working for major brands such as l’oréal and benefit cosmetics.
  • Ruth’s strategic thinking and creativity led to milk makeup’s unique approach to product development, including the use of innovative ingredients such as cannabis oil and blue light protection.

Zanna Robert Rassi’S Creative Influence

Zanna robert rassi is milk makeup’s creative director and third co-founder. Her role in the company is to create campaigns and content that stay true to milk makeup’s core values.

  • Zanna robert rassi uses her background in fashion to bring a cutting-edge approach to milk makeup’s branding.
  • She brings creativity and boldness to the company’s social media presence, creating content that resonates with the brand’s core audience.
  • Rassi’s creative influence extends beyond marketing. She also works on product development, ensuring that milk makeup’s cosmetics are unique and true to the brand’s identity.

Milk makeup’s success and innovative approach to the cosmetics industry could not have been possible without the co-founders’ expertise, vision, and creative input. Melissa butler, dianna ruth, and zanna robert rassi have created a brand that is ethical, eco-conscious, and fashionable, ushering in a new era of makeup for the modern consumer.

The Journey And Growth Of Milk Makeup

Milk makeup is a trendy cosmetics brand that has taken the market by storm in recent years. With innovative products and a fresh approach, it has gained a loyal following among beauty enthusiasts. But who owns milk makeup? In this blog post, we will explore the journey and growth of milk makeup, including its funding, initial launch, popularity, expansion, and current market position.

Funding And Initial Launch

  • Milk makeup was founded in 2016 by a group of industry veterans who saw a gap in the market for high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics.
  • The brand quickly garnered attention and secured $10 million in funding from investors, including main post partners and l catterton.
  • Milk makeup launched its first product, the cooling water stick, in march 2016 and has since expanded its product line to include makeup, skincare, and fragrance.
  • The brand’s innovative products, bold packaging, and inclusive messaging quickly made it a cult favorite among beauty influencers and consumers alike.

Popularity And Expansion

  • Milk makeup’s popularity continued to grow as it launched in sephora stores across the us in 2017, followed by an expansion into international markets.
  • The brand’s playful and inclusive approach to beauty has resonated with a diverse range of consumers, including gen z and millennial customers.
  • Milk makeup has also collaborated with several influential brands and personalities, including wu-tang clan, kush queens, and actor lucy hale, to create limited-edition products and marketing campaigns.
  • The success of milk makeup has led to several industry awards, including being named one of fast company’s most innovative companies in beauty in 2019.

Current Market Position

  • Milk makeup has established itself as a leader in the clean beauty movement and has been recognized for its vegan and cruelty-free formulas.
  • The brand’s approachable and gender-neutral marketing messaging has also set it apart from traditional beauty brands.
  • Milk makeup continues to innovate with new product launches, including its recently launched ‘flex’ foundation stick, which boasts buildable coverage and a natural matte finish.
  • The company’s commitment to sustainability has also gained recognition, with its packaging made from recycled materials and its partnership with the recycling program terracycle.
  • Overall, milk makeup’s ability to combine innovative products, inclusive messaging, and sustainability efforts have cemented its position as a major force in the cosmetics industry.

Milk Makeup’S Current Ownership Structure

Milk makeup is a brand that has taken the beauty industry by storm with its innovative makeup and skincare products. But who owns this popular brand? In this blog post, we’ll explore milk makeup’s current ownership structure and how it impacts the brand’s future direction.

Parent Company Lvmh

Milk makeup is a subsidiary of the parent company lvmh (louis vuitton moët hennessy), which is a global luxury goods company. Lvmh owns a portfolio of brands that includes fendi, christian dior, sephora, benefit cosmetics, and many more. Lvmh is known for its strategic acquisitions of high-end brands, and milk makeup is no exception.

Milk Makeup’S Position Within Lvmh

Milk makeup was acquired by lvmh in 2019, and it operates within the sephora division of lvmh. Milk makeup’s co-founder and ceo, mazdack rassi, continues to lead the brand as a part of the lvmh family.

The Implications Of Lvmh Ownership On Milk Makeup’S Future Direction

Lvmh’s ownership of milk makeup has several implications for the brand’s future direction.

  • Lvmh has deep pockets and expansive resources that can help milk makeup continue to grow and expand its product offerings.
  • Being a part of lvmh also gives milk makeup access to a global network of suppliers, distributors, and business partners.
  • Lvmh’s focus on sustainability and ethical business practices could influence milk makeup to prioritize these values as well.
  • However, some critics argue that lvmh’s ownership could result in milk makeup becoming more focused on profits and less on its original ethos of inclusivity and self-expression.

Milk makeup’s current ownership structure under the lvmh umbrella has both benefits and potential drawbacks. Only time will tell how milk makeup will evolve and adapt under lvmh’s guidance, but for now, its fans can continue to enjoy its unique and innovative products.

Frequently Asked Questions For Who Owns Milk Makeup?

1. What Is Milk Makeup And How Did It Start?

Milk makeup is a beauty brand that launched in 2016 with a mission to create high-quality, innovative, and easy-to-use makeup products.

2. Who Owns Milk Makeup?

Milk makeup is owned by milk studios, a new york city-based creative agency that was founded in 1998 by mazdack rassi and erez shternlicht.

3. Is Milk Makeup A Vegan Brand?

Milk makeup is a 100% vegan brand that does not use any animal products or by-products in its formulations.

4. Where Does Milk Makeup Manufacture Its Products?

Milk makeup manufactures its products in the united states and europe.

5. Are Milk Makeup Products Cruelty-Free?

Yes, milk makeup is a cruelty-free brand that does not test its products on animals.


Milk makeup has quickly risen through the ranks of the beauty industry, creating a cult-like following for its products and unique branding. With its innovative approach to beauty and commitment to clean ingredients, milk makeup has become a popular choice among consumers.

And while the brand has gained success and recognition, the question of ownership still remains. Milk makeup is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the fashion brand, the milk group, which was founded by mazdack rassi, erez shternlicht, and zanna roberts rassi.

While the milk group has undergone significant changes since its founding, milk makeup has remained a constant in the world of beauty. As the brand continues to grow and expand, it’s clear that its unique approach and commitment to quality will continue to set it apart from the competition.

When it comes to milk makeup, consumers can expect a brand that is devoted to both innovation and accessibility – traits that are sure to keep its loyal fans coming back for more.