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The Ultimate Guide to Upgrade Your Fashion Sense

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  • Post last modified:May 10, 2023
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Have you ever seen someone walking down the road or at a party and thought to yourself, “Wow, they look amazing! How do they pull that off?” You cannot help but wonder that they might have spent hours in the dressing room or even have some fashion guru helping them pick out outfits. Or perhaps they spent a lot of money buying designer pieces to look so stylish. 

Well, the truth is, you can look just as chic and head-turning without breaking the bank or spending hours in a dressing room. All it takes is a sense of fashion, imagination, and a fun, fearless attitude. And you’ll be on your way to channeling your inner fashionista and creating incredible outfits. 

However, you shouldn’t just buy anything and everything that looks good. Be thoughtful about your purchases and create a style by pairing different pieces together. Consider these top six tips to get started. 

  1. Rock classic pieces with the right accessories

While most people go for the extra-trendy items, fashion-forward individuals go for the classics. For women, think white button-up shirts with a scarf, black slacks with some stunning jewelry, or a little black dress with bold heels. Or perhaps a short-sleeve white dress with a bright clutch or an A-line skirt paired with a leather jacket.

Likewise, men can invest in quality suits from Dobell and mix and match them with different ties and pocket squares to create a stunning look. Buy dress shirts with patterns like pinstripes and checks in various colors. Pair them with some stylish cufflinks, a quality belt, and a pair of shoes that will give you a complete and elegant look. 

Or, pair jeans with chinos, shorts, or slacks as the situation or event demands. Top it all off with a classic shirt, cardigan, or blazer. Add accessories like hats and ties to complete the look. 

  1. Experiment with color 

Fashionistas know that to create a striking look, color is your best friend. Play with different shades and hues that complement each other and can create the perfect ensemble. Wear a bold shirt with an eye-catching color to show off your style and stand out from the crowd. 

Here are some ideas to get started: 

  • Try pairing pastel colors with a classic white or navy
  • Go bold and wear yellow, pink, or orange for a casual look
  • Put together bright colors like red, green, and blue
  • Layer different shades of the same color to create dimension
  • Match different textures, like lace and leather or chiffon and denim, to make your outfit unique

Have confidence in your choices, and you’ll be sure to make a statement. 

  1. Mix and match combinations  

Patterns can be the most fun when creating an outfit. Mix different prints and ensure to keep the colors balanced. For example, pair a large print with a smaller one or stripes with polka dots. You can also mix floral and geometric prints to create a bold look. Play with different textures and fabrics, like combining velvet and silk or corduroy with chiffon. 

Remember to keep the colors in your outfit cohesive. You don’t have to match them, but make sure they’re complementary and don’t clash. Pick two or three colors in similar shades and wear them as accents throughout your look. 

  1. Fittings matter

It’s not enough to wear the right pieces – they have to fit well too. Make sure your trousers and skirts are the proper lengths and that shirts, sweaters, and jackets fit perfectly. The best way is to tailor your clothes, or if you can’t, try on a few sizes until you find the right one. 

Perfectly fitted clothes will look much better than ones that are too big or too small. Check your shoulders, arms, and waist to ensure the perfect fit. Also, pay attention to the fabric. Ensure it isn’t too heavy or too thin for the season and that it hangs nicely on your body.

  1. Don’t compromise comfort for fashion

You might be tempted to buy something that looks amazing but isn’t comfortable. Remember that fashion should always come second to comfort. It’s not worth it if you don’t feel comfortable in your attire. Instead, look for clothes that flatter your body type and have the right fit, and ensure you feel comfortable in them. Opt for fabrics like cotton and linen rather than synthetic materials, as they’re more breathable and comfortable. 

Also, be mindful of the climate when picking out clothes. If it’s cold outside, have enough layers to stay warm. Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics that keep you cool if it’s hot. 

When you feel comfortable in your clothes, you will exude more confidence and look much better. People will be more drawn to your outfit and appreciate it for what it is.

  1. Discover your style

Discovering your style is the key to looking your best. Don’t copy others’ styles, as this will hamper your individuality. 

Take the time to experiment with different clothes and explore the fashion world. Also, be aware of current trends but keep them from dictating your style. 

Follow these ways to establish your distinct personal style:

  • Try out different colors and fabrics to see which ones make you look your best
  • Experiment with different silhouettes and cuts, including jackets, skirts, and pants
  • Think about the occasions you need to dress for (work, parties, etc.) and dress accordingly

Once you’ve figured out what suits you, stick to it. Develop a signature look that expresses your style, reflects your personality, and makes you feel confident.

Final thoughts

Whether going out for the big night or running errands, you deserve to feel great about your appearance. One way to achieve this is by developing a unique style and embracing it. You can also stick to the classic fashion staples that resonate with uniqueness and ensure your wardrobe is always up-to-date with the latest accessories. 

Likewise, play with different colors, textures, and fabrics to find the look that works for you. Ultimately, it’s about feeling comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear, so find what makes you feel great, and you’ll be sure to turn heads whenever you step out.