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Moissanite vs Diamond – Which Option Best For Engagement Ring?

When it needs to choose for engagement rings, it appears that diamonds are the default alternative. It’s easy to see why these stones are so in favor. They are durable, brilliant, elegant and prestigious. Nevertheless, purchasing a diamond engagement ring is not a feasible choice for everybody.

Some major problems for numerous couples are the significant price point in addition to the problems surrounding sustainability as well as honest mining. If for whatever factor, you desire the diamond look but not the diamond itself, your best choice is to check out a diamond simulant.

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Of the many simulants offered on the marketplace, moissanite is one of the most preferred. It is really similar to diamonds in regards to appearance and also durability, and also a boosting number of pairs are turning towards this stone

This brings us to the inquiry: Should I acquire a diamond or a moissanite for my engagement ring? Let’s take an in-depth consider exactly how moissanite vs diamond.

What Is Moissanite?

First found by Henri Moissan, a French researcher, Moissanite was originally discovered in a crater formed by a fallen meteor. Different than a normal diamond, Moissanite is constructed from silicon carbide.

Because the all-natural Moissanite discovered by Moissan in 1893 is extremely uncommon, the Moissanite sold today is produced by research laboratories. Made to feel like diamonds, Moissanite differs from the diamond in both structure and appearance.

Moissanite vs Diamond

All-natural diamonds create throughout countless years. Composed of carbon, diamonds are created under extreme pressure as well as warmth after that brought up to the surface through the violent geological task.

In contrast to what many individuals believe, diamonds are not uncommon in any way. While it is risk-free to claim that any high-quality gem stone is unusual, diamonds are among one of the most typical. They are discovered around the globe as well as are relatively plentiful.

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All-natural moissanite, on the other hand, is very unusual. While rubies originated from deep within the planet, all-natural moissanite comes from meteorites from outer space. This is why moissanite has gained labels such as space diamond and also Stardust.

The amounts of all-natural moissanite discovered on earth are extremely limited and too inadequate to produce jewelry. It is also very pricey. Therefore, all moissanite found on the market today is lab-created.