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2023 Fashion Trends You Should Start Shopping For Now

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Stepping into 2023 calls for you to make room for the new wardrobe staples of the new year! From loungewear-inspired athleisure looks and footwear statement pieces to streetwear debuts and more, the fashion landscape looks very promising this coming year. Plus, if you’ve kept up with the fashion trends of 2022, then you know that they set an incredibly high bar for what’s ahead in 2023. 

As such, it is a great idea to get yourself in the loop and gain insights into the cool clothing items that are going to be huge this year. From weird and wonderful to elegant and chic, here’s hoping for exciting surprises and fresh takes on classic aesthetics!

1. Sports Galore

The adage “no pain, no gain” is untrue for sports galore, as this trend ensures both beauty and confidence. Even though the idea behind this trend is to “lay back and relax,” it is still considerably more than putting on your favorite hoodie and leggings. A sportswear style with a luxury touch is more in vogue than ever before.

Some of the most important items you can wear in this category are bomber jackets, silky sweatshirts, and sports jackets with half-zip designs and front pockets. If you’re searching for a premium fashion brand that offers buckets of variety and has a category for every season, get a sneak peek at Charles Vermont – there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes here.

Pick one sporty item and pair it with a few ready-to-wear pieces, such as a crop top under a blazer, to avoid looking like you just left the gym. Wearing this high-low combination, you’ll win the approval of all the fashion elite.

2. Chunky sneakers are here to stay! 

The 1980s introduced a variety of memorable styles, including big hair, faux fur, jeans, and colorful cosmetics. But the bulky sneaker has undoubtedly experienced the most extraordinary resurgence. The most prominent addition to the style is Balenciaga, which perfectly captured the decade’s mood with clashing, vibrant hues that shouldn’t go together yet. While these shoes aren’t traditionally sleek, they are fun to wear. They’re also a solid option if you want to appear taller (the chunk will lift you).

3. Regencycore 

If you are looking for a fashion trend that’ll set the course of your prom in 2023, this is it. An example of this trend can be seen in the movie Marie Antoinette (2006), where all the women embraced opulent embellishments, wore gloves, and empire-waist dresses with puffy sleeves. In addition, think of candy-shop colors like lavender, baby blue, buttercream yellow, bows on dresses, corseting elements, and jewelry made of royal-quality gemstones. We believe the extravagant, regal trend will gain more and more traction in the coming year.

4. Leather will, indeed, serve (more than usual)

For 2023, leather goods have witnessed a dramatic spike. These are the foundational pieces to invest in for the coming year and enjoy for years, from the most incredible leather jackets to nailing how to style a leather skirt. Leather jackets and coats made an unexpected spring/summer runway debut at brands including Versace, Prada, and Tod’s, where styles continued to push towards the current Biker Chic trend. The key to this look is structured leather jackets, with belted versions of the trend being one of the most often adopted. Brown, black, and oxblood are the most popular colors for presenting this style because they are timeless.

5. Boots inspired by tractors 

The primary tractor boot, which saw a massive increase in popularity in the fall of 2022 and will only grow more pervasive next year, inspires every designer from Balenciaga to Zara. It’s one of the current fashion trends that looks equally at home under a long skirt or with a super-short skirt as it does when matched with sloppy leggings or sweatpants. It is distinguished by an almost absurdly rounded toe and a thick, rugged sole. Think of this as one of the current trends worth investing in.

6. Gladiator-style shoes 

In 2023, strappy gladiator sandals will return. Along with both dressed-up and dressed-down ensembles, they make a striking style statement and are also really comfy. The knee-high ones worn by Kourtney Kardashian and Rita Ora look gorgeous. Still, if you want to be less flashy, you can always choose an ankle-length pair.

7. Barbiecore

We couldn’t end this list of 2023’s fashion trends without mentioning one of TikTok’s most recently discovered looks: Barbiecore. Bright pink’s comeback, courtesy of Valentino’s F/W 2022–23 line, served as the aesthetic’s catalyst. Greta Gerwig’s impending film rendition of the plastic doll’s tale, starring Margo Robbie, served as additional motivation.

Adopting a contrasting hue will be the best thing for this very trend. A few pastels and some vivid and dark pinks could also do justice. And if wearing bright pink feels too flashy, we advise adding the color through accessories rather than an entire outfit. The ideal balance is an all-black dress with pink accents in the form of a handbag or shoes.

8. Y2K is still in power

There are no shocks here; in 2023, the famous early 2000s look will still be popular. You may rest assured that there are plenty of other y2k trends from the aughts that haven’t yet reappeared if you’re ready to retire any of the ones you pounced on last year or even the year before. Low-rise jeans are in, like boot-cut designs from Diesel or similar labels. You can channel that same Y2K enthusiasm with studded pockets on stonewashed jeans with glittery embellishments, whether you want low-rise or to keep them far away.


So there you have it—some of the best fashion trends for 2023. In essence, 2023 will be about showing more power and wearing minimalistic yet loud designs. While each trend has something unique, the most everlasting fashion trends make one feel easy and comfortable. In short, do you and look good doing it! Furthermore, before you prepare for 2023 by shopping for these trends, ensure you know what you are getting into because not everything will look good on you. So, take all the time you need to play with patterns, shapes, and colors to find out which trend deserves to be in your wardrobe.