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Can I Perm Bleached Hair?

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Yes, it is possible to perm bleached hair. However, it is important to note that the perming process will require a stronger chemical than what is typically used for darker hair as bleaching weakens and damages the strands of your hair. Additionally, you need to make sure your hair has been properly moisturized prior to starting the perm in order to ensure best results with minimal damage.

If done correctly and carefully, perming bleached hair can give you beautiful curls and waves while avoiding any further damage. It is also recommended that you use specialized products during the styling process such as deep-conditioners or oil treatments after getting a perm in order to keep your newly curled locks healthy and shiny.

  • Prepare the hair: Make sure to start with freshly shampooed, bleached hair that has been deeply conditioned. Avoid styling products as they can interfere with the perm solution and leave your hair feeling dry and brittle after the treatment is complete
  • Set up for a perm: Divide the hair into four sections for easier application of perm solution. Apply petroleum jelly or some other type of barrier cream around your forehead, ears, neck and behind your ears to prevent irritation from chemicals in the perm solution.
  • Apply a neutralizer: Start by applying a neutralizing agent such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar over each section you have created in step two before applying any perming lotion or rods to ensure even processing throughout all sections of your scalp and hair strands. Perm time! Finally, it’s time to apply perming lotion according to manufacturer instructions on each individual strand of bleached hair using curling rods if desired (for longer lasting curls). Allow process time indicated on product labeling before rinsing out thoroughly with cold water until it runs clear without residue remaining in your tresses.
  • Deep condition again: Now that you are done performing, be sure give an extra deep conditioning treatment afterwards so that all areas affected by chemicals get their moisture replenished back into them again.
Can I Perm Bleached Hair?


How Long After Bleaching Can You Get a Perm?

Getting a perm after bleaching your hair is possible, but it’s best to wait at least two weeks before committing to the process. This allows enough time for the bleach to completely leave your hair and give you a better chance of achieving desired results from the perm. It’s also important to allow your hair some extra time to recover so that it has its optimal strength back before you attempt any chemical services.

During this period, try not to use other styling products or heat on your tresses – especially those with alcohol in them as they can further weaken already fragile strands which can lead to more breakage when getting permed. Make sure you seek professional advice from an experienced hairstylist who knows how long after bleaching can you get a perm safely, and will be able able advise if they think it’s safe for you based on their examination of your individual situation.

What is the Best Perm for Bleached Hair?

When it comes to finding the best perm for bleached hair, it really depends on what type of look you’re going for. Generally speaking, a digital perm is considered one of the best perms for bleached hair as its smaller rods and less aggressive approach help keep your hair from getting damaged. This type of perm also helps give your locks more volume and body so that even if you do have thinner or finer strands they will still be bouncy and full-looking.

If you’re looking to add some extra curl or waves to your bleach-blonde tresses, then an acid perm might be the better option. It uses a chemical solution which helps create longer lasting curls with less damage than other types of perms – plus it offers plenty of versatility when styling! Finally, if you want something softer but still curly then try a spiral perm; this technique creates tighter ringlets that don’t end up looking too tight or overly processed after the treatment has been applied.

No matter which type of style you choose though, make sure to always use professional products specifically designed for bleached hair so that your color stays vibrant and healthy!

How Long After I Dye My Hair Can I Perm It?

When it comes to perming your hair after you have dyed it, the amount of time that should pass varies depending on the type of dye used. If you are using semi-permanent or temporary dyes, then you can usually wait up to a week before applying the perm solution. Permanent dyes require more time however, and should be left for at least two weeks before attempting to perm.

It is important not to rush this process as doing so could result in damaging your hair and causing breakage when trying to put a curl in it. To ensure optimal results, it is best practice to wait around three weeks before attempting a perm if permanent dyes were used previously. In addition, bleaching prior to coloring will also affect how long you need to wait until perming since the chemicals can damage your strands further; therefore make sure there has been plenty of time between treatments for maximum healthiness and strength in your locks!

Does Perm Damage Hair More Than Bleach?

The debate between perm and bleach for hair damage has been raging for some time now. Both processes involve the use of harsh chemicals to alter the texture of your hair, but when it comes down to which one is worse, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. Generally speaking, bleaching your hair can cause more damage than perming due to its high pH level and lightening properties.

When bleaching, many natural oils in the scalp are stripped away while also leaving behind an increase in porosity (which makes it harder for moisture to stay locked into strands). Bleach also weakens each strand so much that breakage becomes far more likely with repeated treatments. Perms on the other hand usually contain less alcohol-based ingredients and don’t strip away as many oils or weaken the bonds within each strand as drastically as bleach does.

That being said, perms can still lead to dryness since they require heat activation; plus if left in too long or not rinsed out properly then chemical burns may occur from contact with skin! Ultimately both processes have their own risks associated with them – it’s simply important that you do your research beforehand so you know what type of products are being used and how best to protect yourself from potential side effects.

How long to wait to perm hair after bleaching it?

When is It Safe to Perm Hair After Bleaching

It is not recommended to perm hair immediately after bleaching, as this can cause significant damage and breakage. It is best to wait at least two weeks before giving your hair a perm so that it has enough time to recover from the chemical process of bleaching. Additionally, it’s important that you use only professional grade products when perming or coloring your hair to ensure maximum safety and positive results.


In conclusion, bleached hair can be permed but it does require extra care and attention. It is important to consult with a professional stylist who has experience in perming bleached hair before starting the process. With the right consultation, products, and technique you can maintain healthy looking locks while achieving the style you want.