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5 Backyard Activities For Kids

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Summer is here so keeping your kids entertained in the back yard, while you get on with work, or do the housework. These suggestions are bound to keep them entertained for many hours. Plus they won’t break the bank either, with affordable options available.

1. Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop is a great way to get your kids outdoors and moving! Backyard basketball hoops are great as they are so versatile, cost effective and take up minimal space. This also is great for developing fundamental movement skills such as jumping and co-ordination.

Children can practice their budding basketball star skills such as shooting, jumping and aiming with a company or alone. With the company, kids can play a practice basketball match together, practice their skills or get inventive and play other games which include hoops. Some popular games include golden child, knock out, around the world, and basketball tag.


2. Trampoline

Trampolines are a definite crowd pleaser, amongst children and adults. These come in varying shapes and sizes, making them suitable for all backyards. This is a great way for children to develop body awareness, lower body strength, and also practice falling safely! This is also a great activity for children to do with friends or adults, and have some great laughs and challenges together.

Some great group games to play on trampolines include poison ball, musical bounce, bouncing catch and piggy in the middle. Ring around the rosy, hot potato and one, two, three sit are also crowd pleasers.

3. Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground pools are great since they are semi permanent, affordable and come with all the perks of an in ground swimming pool! This is bound to be a favourite for kids, and a great way for them to build their gross motor skills. A plethora of games can be played in pools, poison ball, water fights, piggy in the middle and handstand competitions are some favourites.

For children who are learning how to swim, floaties and pool noodles are some affordable and popular accessories that can be used here. This is a great activity for adults to do with kids too, and build some unique memories.

4. Inflatable Water Slides

What a wonderful resource to have this summer! If your backyard has the space, an inflatable water slide is bound to bring loads of fun, and colourful experiences to your summer days and nights. These come in a range of prices, sizes and colours, some slides come with inbuilt archways and stairs in the design.

Their unique shape and structure make them great for building gross motor skills and endurance. Loads of games can be played with slides, although appropriate safety precautions should be taken. Group sliding, poison ball, tag, and the floor is lava are some great games to play while using your slide.

5. Zip Line

If you have the space for a Zip Line, it is a wonderful addition to any backyard.These can either be installed as part of a playground set or separately, and can be sourced from a range of budgets. Zip Lines are great for gross motor skills, and co ordination as well as conquering a fear of falling and heights for some!

This is also a great group game resource, although only one person can use the line at a time. Children can use the line for imaginative play and learning, all while building strength and co-ordination.

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