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Things to Ask Your Jeweler In Phoenix, AZ Jewelry Stores

Shopping for jewelry can be overwhelming alone from the amount of choices you have. It can be even more stressful if you’re new to shopping in elegant Phoenix, AZ jewelry stores.

Which is why a jeweler is there to help make the process easier. There are so many questions you might have, but here are some of the most important questions to ask your jeweler.

Do they offer a variety of services?

If you’re working with trustworthy jewelers in Phoenix, AZ jewelry stores, they should be able to offer plenty of different services to fit your needs. Not only should they be able to help you choose the jewelry, but they should also be trained enough to explain the stones or jewels to you and repair or resize your jewelry.

Some should even possibly help create customized pieces for you, if you want that. A trained jeweler should be able to do all of this with ease, or at least work with people that can help you.

Do they offer a variety of services

How was the jewelry made?

Where and how the jewelry was made can affect its quality and longevity. Ask your jeweler if the piece was made overseas or local and if it was handmade or factory made. Once again, if you’re working with a trustworthy jeweler, these questions should be answered easily.

If the piece was handmade locally, it’s likely they’ll last longer and be overall better quality than jewelry mass produced overseas. Jewelry like rings or necklaces mass produced aren’t meant to last a long time, so it’s best to check with your jeweler to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Do they offer certification and appraisal?

If you’re buying something valuable and expensive like a diamond, you should ask your jeweler for a certification from a reputable, independent lab. The certification will basically prove that the stone or gem is real. Then it should show the color, carat, quality, and past treatment of the stone or gem. Reputable Phoenix, AZ jewelry stores should help you find these papers easily.

What insurance is recommended for the jewelry?

If your jewelry is particularly expensive, having it insured can give you peace of mind. Usually, jewelers are used to dealing with insurance companies through the claim process. From that, they probably have a good idea on which insurance companies you should look into. So, don’t be afraid to ask for their expert opinion on the matter.

What insurance is recommended for the jewelry

What are their policies around warranties and returns?

Accidents happen. Sometimes you buy the wrong size or realize you bought the wrong item, it happens. However, because jewelry can be quite pricey, these accidents aren’t exactly ones you want to make.

With that being said, reputable Phoenix, AZ jewelry stores should understand and have a return or exchange policy in place. So, before you buy anything, remember to ask your jeweler about their warranties and returns.

Are the professional cleanings free?

Some jewelry can be quite difficult to clean because it can be incredibly tiny and delicate. Which is why many jewelry stores have machines that professionally cleans their products in hard-to-reach places. The cleaning should be free, but you should ask ahead of time if it is.


In summary, shopping for jewelry is exciting, but also stressful if you don’t know where to start or have never been in a professional jewelry store before. Which is where a jeweler should be able to come in and help make the process easier for you.

If your jeweler is reputable you should be able to ask them questions about their return policy, jewelry quality, and services they offer. After asking, you should be able to trust your jeweler and feel even more comfortable coming back for your next purchase!

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