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How Tall Is Lip From Shameless?

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Lip Gallagher, one of the main characters from Showtime’s television series ‘Shameless’, is played by British actor Jeremy Allen White. Lip stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall according to IMDB. The character has a lean build and often wears casual clothing like jeans and hoodies so his height isn’t always immediately obvious.

In many scenes he is taller than other cast members, however, which hints at his impressive stature. He also towers over most of the supporting actors in the show which confirms this information as well. Overall, Lip Gallagher from Shameless stands at an imposing 6 feet 2 inches tall!

Lip Gallagher from the popular show Shameless is played by actor Jeremy Allen White. He stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches, making him one of the taller members of the cast. Lip’s height gives him a great advantage in physical altercations, and he uses it to his benefit on multiple occasions throughout the series.

His towering stature also makes him appear more authoritative when giving advice or getting out of tough situations, something that comes in handy for a character who often finds himself in less-than-ideal scenarios!

How Tall Is Lip From Shameless?


How Old is Lip from Shameless?

Lip Gallagher is one of the main characters on the hit Showtime series Shameless. He is portrayed by actor Jeremy Allen White and he has been a fan-favorite since the show first premiered in 2011. Lip is an intelligent, mischievous, and often reckless young man who often gets into trouble due to his lack of impulse control or regard for consequences.

But how old exactly is Lip? Well, according to show canon, as revealed by several episodes throughout the series’ run, Lip was born in 1995 making him 24 years old at the time of this writing. Although he may be only 24, he has already accomplished quite a lot having graduated from college before most people his age and launching multiple businesses over the course of the show’s 10-season run.

Who is Lip Married To?

Lip Gallagher is a fictional character from the Showtime comedy-drama series Shameless. He is played by actor Jeremy Allen White and introduced in the pilot episode of the show as a rebellious, yet intelligent teenager living with his family in Chicago’s south side. Lip has been married since season 8 to his long time girlfriend, Tami Tamietti (played by Kate Miner).

The two met when Lip was attending college at Northwestern University, and began dating shortly after meeting each other. Despite their rocky start, they eventually found true love and got married in an outdoor ceremony during season 9. Since then they have welcomed two daughters into their lives; Isabella who arrived towards the end of season 10 and Francesca who was born during season 11.

Both girls are named after Lip’s grandmothers on either side of his family tree: Isabella for Fiona’s mother Gloria Gallagher and Francesca for Frank’s mother Irene Kelly Harris Jackson Waters Malone. As a couple, Lip & Tami make quite an impressive team – always striving to be better together than apart – but it isn’t all smooth sailing between the two as evidenced by some not so happy moments throughout seasons 12 & 13 which makes us wonder if there might be trouble ahead for this beloved TV couple!

Why Does Lip Smoke So Much in Shameless?

Smoking has been a frequent plot device used in the show Shameless, with Lip Gallagher as one of its heaviest smokers. While smoking is often seen as a means of escape and relaxation for many people, it’s especially true for Lip. He smokes to cope with stressors like poverty, familial drama, his complicated love life and other sources of distress that come up throughout the show’s run.

Smoking also serves as an act of rebellion against authority figures who try to tell him how he should live his life; by disregarding their judgmental opinions on his lifestyle choices and continuing to smoke despite what they think, it allows Lip to remain independent and assertive when faced with conflict. In addition, smoking appears to be a way for him to gain some sense of control over situations where he may feel powerless or unheard; puffing away on a cigarette gives him something tangible with which he can respond emotionally without having any real consequences from doing so. Finally, smoking provides comfort during times when there are few other outlets available – even if only temporarily – allowing Lip (and viewers) some respite from all the chaos that surrounds him each day.

Who is Lip from Shameless in Real Life?

Lip Gallagher, the eldest and most troubled of the Gallagher children on Shameless, is played by British actor Jeremy Allen White. Born in New York City in 1991, White began his acting career at age 10 with a role in Armistead Maupin’s Further Tales of the City (2001). From there he went on to appear in films such as Afterschool (2008), Twelve (2010) and Movie 43 (2013).

He also starred alongside Emma Roberts and Evan Peters in Adult World (2013) which garnered him critical acclaim. But it was his casting as Phillip “Lip” Gallagher that made him a household name. Lip is one of the main characters on Shameless since its debut season back in 2011.

His character has grown from an angry teenager struggling with addiction into a responsible adult managing his own bar and trying to be more independent from his family’s chaotic lifestyle. Since appearing on Shameless, White has gone on to star opposite Kate Winslet for HBO’s Mildred Pierce miniseries as well as playing supporting roles for indie films like Imperial Dreams and Meadowland.


How Tall is Jeremy Allen White

Jeremy Allen White is an American actor best known for his roles on the Showtime dramedy “Shameless” and in the films “Afterschool” and “Beautiful Boy”. He stands at 5’7” tall.


In conclusion, Lip Gallagher’s height is estimated to be 6’1″, making him one of the tallest characters on Shameless. He towers over his siblings and the other characters in the show, adding a sense of dominance when he enters a room. His tall stature also adds an element of intimidation which plays into his character arc as viewers watch him grapple with family issues and personal struggles.