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Can I Wear Makeup With A Stye?

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Yes, you can wear makeup with a stye. However, it is important to take precautions when applying cosmetics such as avoiding contact between the infected area and any applicators or brushes used to apply makeup. Additionally, you should make sure that all of your products are clean and free of bacteria before use.

It’s also recommended that you avoid using eyeliner or mascara on the affected eye since this could cause additional irritation or infection. Instead, opt for an eyeshadow color that matches your skin tone in order to cover up the redness from the stye while allowing it to heal properly. Finally, be sure to thoroughly wash off all makeup before bed so that no further contamination occurs during sleep.

  • Cleanse your skin: Before applying any makeup, it is important to cleanse the skin to remove dirt and oil that can cause infection on a styed eye. Use a gentle cleanser or warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Avoid irritants: Avoid using harsh products around the area of the stye such as oils, creams, lotions or even waterproof mascara that may contain irritating ingredients which could further aggravate the infection.
  • Apply concealer: Carefully apply concealer over redness from the stye with a small brush or cotton swab in order to provide coverage without causing irritation to an already sensitive area of skin.
  • Set with powder: After concealing has been applied, set it in place by lightly dusting face powder over top using a fluffy brush for best results without creating excess product buildup near infected area of skin which could irritate further.
Can I Wear Makeup With A Stye?


Can You Wear Makeup When You Have Stye?

When it comes to wearing makeup when you have a sty, the best advice is to avoid it. While some people may feel that applying makeup will help them cover up their stye, this can actually make matters worse. When you put makeup on an already inflamed area of skin, it can irritate the stye even more and lead to further inflammation or infection.

It’s also important to keep in mind that many cosmetics contain ingredients that are known allergens and irritants—ingredients which could potentially exacerbate your stye symptoms. In short, if you’re dealing with a stye, pass on the makeup until your condition improves. Instead, use cold compresses and other natural remedies such as honey and tea tree oil to reduce irritation while allowing the area time to heal properly.

Are Styes Contagious Through Mascara?

No, styes are not contagious through mascara. A sty is a bacterial infection of an oil gland in the eyelid, and although it can be uncomfortable or painful, it is usually harmless and doesn’t require treatment. The bacteria responsible for causing styes live naturally on your skin and inside your body — they just need to get into the right spot on the eyelid to cause a sty.

Mascara does not contain enough bacteria to cause a sty, so you don’t have to worry about transferring them from one person’s eyes to another when you use shared makeup products like mascara. If you do find yourself with a sty, make sure to keep your hands clean by washing them regularly and avoiding touching your eyes too much as this can spread bacteria that could worsen the infection.

What Should You Avoid When You Have a Stye?

When you have a stye, there are certain things that should be avoided in order to prevent the situation from getting worse. First of all, you should not rub or scratch your eye as this can cause infection and make the stye more painful. You shouldn’t wear contact lenses while you have a stye either since they can irritate it further.

Furthermore, it is important to keep your hands away from your eyes as much as possible so that bacteria doesn’t spread between them. Additionally, try not to use any makeup or lotions on the affected area until after the stye has completely healed. Finally, avoid sharing items such as towels or pillowcases with other people if you want to reduce the risk of spreading infections even further.

Taking these steps will help ensure that your stye heals quickly and effectively without causing further issues down the line.

Do I Have to Throw Away My Makeup After a Stye?

If you’ve recently had a stye, it can be tempting to throw away your makeup in case the infection spreads. But that’s not necessarily necessary. While it is important to clean and sanitize any makeup brushes or applicators that you used while infected, there is no need to toss out all of your cosmetics right away.

It may be beneficial however, to avoid using eye products like eyeliners or mascaras until the stye has fully healed as they could irritate the area further and delay healing time. Make sure when reapplying any eye makeup after a stye that you have properly cleaned and disinfected all tools beforehand. Additionally, if you are able to replace old mascara every three months due to bacteria buildup this may also help reduce risk for future infection as well.

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How Long Should I Wait to Wear Makeup After a Stye

If you have a stye, it is important to wait until the infection is fully healed before applying makeup. Makeup can trap dirt and bacteria and aggravate the affected area, so it’s best to give your eye ample time to heal before using any form of cosmetics on or near the infected eyelid. Generally speaking, you should wait at least a week after your stye has gone away before wearing makeup again.


In conclusion, wearing makeup with a stye can be difficult and uncomfortable. However, it is possible to wear makeup while dealing with a stye, as long as precautions are taken in terms of the type of products used. It is important to keep the area clean and dry, use oil-free or noncomedogenic makeup formulas that won’t irritate the stye further, avoid touching it directly with your hands or brush bristles, and take off all makeup before going to bed.