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A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Hi Vis Jacket

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The task of protecting workers in industrial, utility, electrical, and construction fields is a significant one, requiring the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as high-visibility clothing. You may have noticed that workers on construction sites or in roadworks areas often wear bright hi-vis jackets.

These types of clothing are worn to improve visibility on job sites and increase workplace safety. The purpose of this clothing is to alert drivers and other machinery operators of the workers’ location, especially in dangerous conditions such as near highways, in low-light conditions, or in areas where workers may be obscured by trees, traffic barriers, or equipment.

What Is a Hi Vis Jacket?

High-vis clothing, also known as high visibility clothing, is a type of protective gear made from fluorescent material with added reflective tape or shapes. This type of clothing is designed to make the wearer more visible, especially in low light conditions. Imagine you are driving at night, and for some reason, you are not paying attention to the road and you forget to see the warning sign of construction ahead. In this scenario, the reflective jacket worn by the construction worker can help you to easily spot and avoid the construction area, thus ensuring safety for both you and the worker.

What Colors Are Considered For Hi Vis Jacket?

High-vis jackets come in various colors, and the choice of color depends on the specific situation. Typically, they are either a specific shade of green-yellow, or they glow in the dark, meaning they can be seen regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Standards Australia research has found that there are three main colors that are considered acceptable for high visibility clothing backgrounds: fluorescent lime, orange and red.

The 3 Classes Of Hi Vis Jacket?

High-visibility safety clothing has specific guidelines for retroreflective performance, the colors and brightness of the background materials, and how much of the body the high-visibility components should cover. Additionally, there are special requirements for garments that provide protection against electrical flash and flames. It is important to note that the specifications for clothing classes are similar to those in ANSI/ISEA 107. All safety vests are rated and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Safety vests are divided into Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 based on the amount of reflective material and high contrast fabric used in the vest.

Are Hi Vis jackets waterproof?

As previously mentioned, high vis jacket can provide Class 3 protection, which is the highest level of visibility, in yellow or orange. The padding is thick, but it is also light, flexible, comfortable and breathable. The material used is a two-layer, which is 100% waterproof and windproof, and also allows breathability.

Does it matter what Color Hi-Vis you wear?

When choosing a hi-vis garment, you should also consider the level of risk, as the environment where the work is done. Like colors can help drivers and machine operators recognize workers. While speaking of the colors, do they play a role? Well, fluorescent yellow is the brightest color on the color scale and the most widely used; orange hi-vis PPE has strong recognition – orange means “caution” or “watch out.”