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5 Strategies To Grow Your Salon Business

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  • Post last modified:December 30, 2022
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As a salon owner in a crowded market, you may be wondering how to rise and shine and grow your salon business to the next level. What offers to make? And which products to sell so that you would build a client base? Should you introduce something new in the market, a niche like organic products, or sell gift cards? There are a lot of questions a new salon owner would ask especially during a time of recession. We would cover 5 major strategies a salon owner should consider in order to build a successful business.

1. Introduce vouchers/gift cards

According to statistics, in the US alone, gift card sales have reached a staggering 150+ billion dollar market, so this strategy is a no-brainer. By this strategy you would actually be growing your clients through your existing clients, the best way to introduce gift cards and vouchers is either online or physically on your counter, and encourage your staff to promote them.

2. Use a solid booking platform

Make it easy for your clients to schedule an appointment. Let them book 24/7 via your booking page/website or app. A good salon booking software should make life easier for both you and your clients. Use the power of social media and introduce the “Book now” button on your website and social media pages. Keep connected with your clients with weekly newsletters and make sure they do not forget their next appointment by using automated email and SMS reminders.

3. Introduce subscriptions

This is the newest strategy which can be categorized as one of the best ways to offer your clients a good discount and also retain them as permanent clients. Offering your existing services as a subscription would not only grow your revenue but also would also let you predict a monthly fixed/recurring income.

4. Use social media for promotions

It would be fair to say that no business can succeed without using social media. Encourage your existing customers to like your Facebook page and follow your Instagram profile. Make sure to post on your social media profiles on regular basis and don’t be shy to ask your audience to share your posts on social media.

5. Hire social media influencers

Consider hiring a couple of social media influencers and ask them to promote their work. This may sound like an expensive strategy but in fact, this is the most popular and growing concept of viral marketing, most social media influencers can promote your services at a fair price and even you can reward them with free gift cards or a free tour of your salon for their next makeup or haircut.

Use your primary instincts and think about what could be the best approach for your salon business pick the right strategy for the above to start with and keep the focus on the ones which are giving you good results, your success won’t be far away!