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5 Reasons Your Employees Will Appreciate A Time Clock App

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There are a number of misconceptions around using online time clock software. Employees often think that their employers don’t trust them or that they need to be micromanaged because they can’t accurately track their own time. They may be concerned that using a time keeper app will reduce the amount of money they receive each week.

The reality is, there are a lot of great benefits that come with using time clock solutions. This includes improved accountability, higher client satisfaction, accurate payroll processing, and reduced labor costs. Here are the top five reasons why your employees will appreciate using a time clock app in the workplace.

Accurate Overtime Tracking

Overtime pay is often viewed as a benefit of working at a business, and employees often remain at a company specifically for it. With old punch clocks, overtime was more challenging to track as a member of the human resources department had to calculate hours manually. Even the smallest of errors could lead to an employee not getting overtime pay. Such an error can quickly lead to employee dissatisfaction.

With a time clock app, employees can punch in and out, and any overtime incurred will automatically be accounted for. If you have a unique overtime situation, most systems can accommodate custom overtime rules. When the time comes to process payroll, you can seamlessly transfer information to your payroll provider and ensure you hand out checks on time and in the correct amount.

Improved Accountability For All

Working in a team environment comes with certain advantages; you get to work with people who share the same goals and may even have the same interests. However, there is a downside to working with others who may not share your goals or values. They may not work as hard as their co-workers or may frequently show up to work late or not at all.

With the time clock app, you can track how much time each member of your team is spending on a particular job. If you find that one worker is slacking, you can address the issue immediately and ensure that they are on par with their co-workers. Management has an obligation to their employees to ensure they stay on track, and with a timesheet management solution, they can easily monitor work progress throughout the day and take action when needed.

On-Time Payroll Processing

Employees rely heavily on receiving their full checks in a timely manner. This is especially true now, given the current situation with the pandemic. Many workers live paycheck-to-paycheck, so as a business owner, it is imperative to pay your employees on time.

With a time clock app, all employee hours and time off are accurately recorded and stored. When the pay period closes, your accountant or payroll provider can begin processing paychecks with the data gathered by your time tracking solution. Not only will providing paychecks on time ensure you remain compliant with any state or labor laws, but your employees will appreciate the fact that you respect their time and want to pay them for it.

Less Managerial Oversight

Nobody likes to be micromanaged, and this is certainly true of your employees. Being micromanaged can make a worker feel as though they are not skilled enough to do their job or that they are not trusted by management.

By implementing an online timecard system, you can give your employees more control over their time tracking process. They can use their own personal device to punch time, add a break or lunch, request time off, or even edit their punch times if they are incorrect. Of course, there can be features in able to help you monitor these things, but for the most part, the employee has complete control over their time tracking process.

Get More Out Of Your Workers

Implementing a time clock app at your business is an investment. Not just an investment in a solution, but an investment in your employees. They will appreciate that you are taking steps to ensure they are paid for every minute worked and will recognize them for this work.

Employees like to work for a company that puts their interests first. By keeping your employees happy, you can boost potential sales, your employee’s reputation, and even recruiting efforts. Each one of your workers wants to feel like they are contributing to the success of your business, and by implementing a time clock app, you can show your employees you are committed to them.