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Where Can I Watch Makeup? – A Comprehensive Guide

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You can watch makeup tutorials on youtube or beauty websites. These platforms feature makeup artists showcasing their skills, providing tips and tricks, and recommending products to viewers.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced makeup user, you’ll find a vast array of videos for every occasion, style, and skin type. From natural looks to bold and colorful makeup, you can enhance your beauty skills and learn new techniques. Additionally, beauty brands and influencers frequently share live makeup tutorials, q&a sessions, and product launches on social media platforms like instagram and facebook. Watching makeup tutorials is an excellent way to take your makeup game to the next level and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Where Can I Watch Makeup? - A Comprehensive Guide


Where To Watch Makeup On Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the beauty industry, making it easier for makeup enthusiasts to access makeup tutorials, reviews, and content by professional artists and influencers. Here, we will take a look at the various social media platforms offering makeup content and the benefits of watching makeup on these platforms.

Overview Of Social Media Platforms That Offer Makeup Content, Including Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok And Facebook.

  • Instagram: with over one billion active monthly users, instagram provides a visual platform for makeup tutorials, makeup looks, and product reviews and recommendations. Makeup artists and enthusiasts use instagram to share their work and create communities of avid fans. Instagram also offers various makeup hashtags that allow users to discover new content easily.
  • Youtube: home to countless videos of makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, and unboxings, youtube is the go-to platform for many makeup enthusiasts and professionals. With youtube’s search function and recommendation engine, finding makeup content tailored to your interests has never been easier.
  • Tiktok: known for its short, snappy videos, tiktok provides a unique platform for makeup content creators. Many makeup artists and influencers use tiktok to share quick makeup tutorials and “get ready with me” videos in a fun and engaging way.
  • Facebook: while not as popular for makeup content as other platforms, facebook still offers access to various beauty groups and pages, where users can connect with other makeup enthusiasts and share tips and recommendations.

Explanation Of The Benefits Of Watching Makeup Content On Social Media.

  • Variety: social media offers a variety of makeup content, allowing viewers to discover new techniques, products, and personalities they may not have encountered otherwise.
  • Accessibility: with social media, makeup tutorials and reviews are just a click away, making it easier for users to learn new makeup skills or decide which products to buy.
  • Community: social media platforms provide a sense of community for makeup enthusiasts, where they can connect with others who share the same interests and have discussions about all things beauty.
  • Inspiration: watching makeup content on social media can also be a source of inspiration for some viewers, encouraging them to try new makeup looks or experiment.
  • Real-time content: many makeup artists and influencers post real-time content on social media, allowing viewers to see how a certain look is achieved or how a product performs in real life.

Subhead: Instagram

  • Instagram offers a wide range of makeup content, including tutorials, looks, product reviews, and recommendations.
  • Users can discover new content easily through instagram’s hashtags, explore page, and recommendations.
  • Many makeup artists use instagram to showcase their work, creating communities of fans and followers who eagerly await their new posts.

Subhead: Youtube

  • With its search function and recommendation engine, youtube is the go-to platform for many makeup enthusiasts.
  • Youtube offers an extensive library of makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, and unboxings from both amateur and professional creators.
  • Users can subscribe to their favorite creators, create playlists, and receive notifications when new content is uploaded.

Subhead: Tiktok

  • Tiktok provides a unique platform for makeup content creators to share short, snappy videos showcasing their skills and techniques.
  • Many makeup artists and influencers use tiktok to share “get ready with me” videos and quick tutorials.
  • Tiktok’s algorithm provides users with personalized content based on their interests, making it easy to discover new makeup creators and content.

Paid Platforms For Watching Makeup

Overview Of Paid Platforms For Watching Makeup Content, Including Subscription Services And One-Time Purchases.

From beauty industry veterans to amateurs, there are millions of people looking for guidance on makeup tips and tutorials. While there are plenty of free resources out there, paid platforms are becoming increasingly popular. With the rise of technology, we now have access to more advanced features that make learning about makeup easier than ever before.


Patreon is the go-to option for those looking for exclusive and comprehensive content. With a monthly subscription package, the platform offers its users access to exclusive video tutorials and personalized consultation.

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Sephora’S Virtual Artist

For those who don’t have a professional makeup artist at their disposal, sephora’s virtual artist is the perfect option. The app allows you to test out makeup looks and products through the use of augmented reality technology. The app features over 3000 products from more than 100 brands.

L’Oreal’S Makeup Genius

L’oreal’s makeup genius app is another popular option for those who want to experiment with makeup virtually. This app uses facial recognition technology to let you virtually try on different makeup looks and products. The app offers real-time makeup tutorials and tips for its users to achieve different looks.

Now that you know the available paid platforms, you can easily select one that suits your budget, preferences, and needs. With consistent learning and practice, you’ll soon be able to achieve professional-level makeup skills.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Where Can I Watch Makeup?

What Streaming Platforms Offer Makeup Tutorials And Videos?

Popular streaming platforms that offer makeup tutorials and videos include youtube, instagram tv, tiktok, facebook watch, and snapchat. These platforms offer a range of beauty content featuring professional makeup artists, influencers, and everyday people sharing tutorials, reviews, and product recommendations.

Are There Any Free Options For Watching Makeup Content?

Yes, there are several free options for watching makeup content. Popular platforms include youtube, instagram, and tiktok. You can find a wide variety of makeup tutorials, product reviews, and beauty tips from both amateur and professional creators.

Can I Find Makeup Tutorials On Youtube?

Yes, youtube has a vast array of makeup tutorials with step-by-step instructions. You can easily find makeup tutorials tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Additionally, you can access these tutorials for free and learn about makeup application, color selection, and various makeup brands.

Are There Any Subscription Services Specifically For Makeup Content?

Yes, there are several makeup subscription services available such as birchbox, ipsy, and play! By sephora. These services offer a monthly or quarterly delivery of curated makeup and beauty products for a set price, making it easy for beauty enthusiasts to try new products and discover their favorites.

What Are Some Popular Bloggers Or Influencers Who Specialize In Makeup Tutorials?

Popular makeup influencers include james charles, nikki tutorials, jackie aina, huda kattan, and jeffree star. They provide tutorials on various makeup techniques, products and reviews.

Can I Watch Live Makeup Events Or Competitions Online?

Yes, you can watch live makeup events and competitions online through various platforms like youtube, instagram, and facebook. Many beauty brands and makeup artists host live events where you can learn new techniques and watch competitions in real-time.


Makeup tutorials and vlogs have become increasingly popular in recent times. It’s easy to see why given the creative techniques, tips, and tricks these makeup gurus share with their viewers. Whether you want to learn how to contour like a pro or find the perfect nude lipstick shade, makeup vlogs and tutorials are a great place to start.

So where can you catch the best makeup content? In addition to comprehensive video-sharing platforms like youtube and vimeo, social media platforms are also a goldmine of beauty-focused content. From instagram reels to tiktok tutorials, makeup lovers have a variety of options to choose from.

And let’s not forget the vast selection of niche makeup channels available on streaming platforms like amazon prime video, hulu, and netflix. Overall, there’s no shortage of places where you can watch makeup, whether you’re a seasoned beauty fanatic or a beginner.

So go ahead, sit back, and get ready to up your makeup game.