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Tips to Maintain Your Knitwear

Knitwear is not just a piece of clothing; it is an investment.

Every year, from autumn to winter, your knitwear is your true companion. Naturally, these delicate clothes call for proper care to last you through many winters.

How often have you discarded or given away your woollens because they got stretched or were smelling?

Read this article to learn tips to maintain your knitwear to keep them in shape for a long. Especially items like womens knitwear, which requires gentle care to look as good as new, year after year. 

Maintenance Tips

Do Not Wash Knitwear Post Every Use

It cannot be stressed enough how vital it is to not wash knitwear post each incidence of use.

Knitwear made of natural fibres such as sheep’s wool needs less frequent washing. This is because natural wool does not absorb smells or stains easily. Some naturally occurring wool has self-cleaning qualities.

On the contrary, knitwear made of synthetic fibres possesses no such qualities, and these have to be washed frequently.

Wash Carefully

Firstly, it is essential to remember that knitwear must be washed in minimum heat. High temperatures tend to shrink the knitwear, which cannot be reversed. Therefore, it is crucial to clean knitwear with great care for the best results.

 Extra tips for washing:

  • Before washing the garment, turn it inside out
  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Use the suitable knitwear detergent to wash it
  • Do not soak the garment for very long
  • Squeeze the garment gently to remove excess water.

Remove Pilling

Almost all knitwear tends to pill regardless of its quality. Since pilling is unavoidable, fixing it before it tangles and loosens the fibres is important.

While regular cleaning helps with pilling, there is another unconventional trick for a quick fix – shaving. All you need to do is run a sharp razor across the surface of your garment.

Proper Storage

Proper preservation of womens knitwear is critical to maintaining it. The shape of knitwear is susceptible to change because of its composition. To prevent any such issue, carefully fold and stack your knitwear before putting it away at the beginning of spring. Ensure that it is stored in a dry place since exposure to moisture can leave a bad smell.

Dry it Properly

A key to maintaining the shape of your knitwear is to dry it properly. Lay it flat instead of hanging it like other garments. The latter could cause the shape of the garment to change.

Brush Regularly

A brush specifically designed to use for knitwear is mainly available. Use the brush regularly to remove any fluff or lint.

Follow Label Instructions

While these tips will help elongate the life of your knitwear, it will only be possible if you follow the brand’s advice. The care instructions label on the garment must always be your plan A to clean and store it. It gives you the correct instructions to keep your knitwear looking as good as new.

Do Not Use hangers

The most significant fallacy you can make is to hang your knitwear when not in use. Hanging it can cause the wool to stretch and change the garment’s shape. It can leave your garment looking unflattering. Fold and store your knitwear.

Wrapping Up

Your knitwear needs proper care and love. These simple tips will leave your knitwear looking as good as new every year. From machine wash to hanging your knitwear, avoid all the mishaps with these tricks.

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Author Name: Mary Kate