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The Working Woman’s Dressing Guide for 2022

The work calendar is full of meetings, rushing between calls, deadlines, and completing projects. As an individual working in the office, you would know that deciding on a different outfit for every day is quite challenging. Between all the chaos and hustle, you should wear something that makes you feel powerful and confident.

The outfit you wear to work is a way to express your professionalism, portraying that you belong in your work environment. 

Yes, you can stick to wearing a plain button-down shirt and pants. But is that enough? 2022 is the time to make some stylish changes. Look for the most stylish pieces that create a confidence-boosting look, making you feel capable of everything while leaving the house.

Whether it’s about playing with customized proportions or coordinating your blazer and pants, make sure you show your personality with your work outfit. Are you thinking about how to pull an elegant outfit for work?

Here we have highlighted seven ideas to guide you in 2022.

Sleek Skirts

When it comes to workwear essentials, sleek skirts are a must. They do not just add elegance but professionalism to the overall outfit. You can make a head-to-toe color for work by getting a burgundy or navy sleek skirt. Keep your silhouette basic with a turtleneck and classy pumps.

The best thing today is that you can find such gorgeous pieces online with the right keywords. For example, if you are in New Zealand and want the trendiest items delivered to your home, look up womens office wear NZ online, and shop to your heart’s content.

You can go with a printed sleek skirt and pair it with a classic button-down shirt, pointed-toe heels, and elegant jewelry. Furthermore, if you don’t want to let go of your cotton t-shirt, turn it into your workwear by pairing it with a beautiful printed sleek skirt.

Wide-Leg Trousers

Wide-legged pants are indeed back on trend this 2022 season for wearing it to work. Undoubtedly, they give an air of confident calmness and look professional for your work. Wide-leg trousers are an all-season option and super comfortable to pair for your work look.

These trousers can lengthen your legs and make you taller too. The best top to pair with these trousers is the one that creates a contrasting shape.

Moreover, you can complete the outfit by wearing neutral colored trousers like cream, black or beige. Add a pair of chunky trainers or high-heels. For making a style statement, choose flowy trousers made from textured fabrics such as knitted and ribbed designs.

Classy Shoes

No work outfit is complete without a shiny pair of classy shoes. One of your options is wearing loafers. Style your loafers with fitted ankle pants for a simple and sleek look. Choose loafers in neutral colors with a metallic detail or some embellishments for an overall classy vibe for your work outfit.

In addition, suede pumps can help you maintain a professional look by providing you with a classy pointed-toe design and a block heel. Moreover, if you’re looking for shoes to wear all day at the office, consider getting a pair of block-heeled pumps. Besides that, closed shoes like brogues are a must-have in every working lady’s wardrobe.

Stylish Handbags

It goes without saying that an office look is incomplete without a handbag. Look for zippered leather handbags or rigid bags to go well with your work outfit. Consider getting a structured leather tote bag as it has enough space to fit in all your necessities and adds an elegant touch to your look. Make sure the bag you carry fits in well with the professional environment.

Moreover, you’re free to experiment with colors here. If you’re wearing dark-colored clothes, opt for a bright-colored handbag. You can also go for a patterned handbag if your outfit is plain and simple.

Elegant Jewelry Pieces

Adding stylish jewelry pieces to your work outfit can make a huge impact. Gold earrings will always complement your look regardless of your outfit’s color. If you have decided to go simple and basic with your outfit, adding gold earrings will immediately elevate your outfit.

Besides that, wearing watches can transform your look. You can look for watches in various sizes and designs, contributing to your overall look. In addition, pearl jewelry can provide a lot more style to your workwear outfit. Consider pairing a formal shirt and pencil skirt with a pearl necklace.

Power Suits

Long gone are the days where you only had the option to wear a simple black or grey suit. In 2022, suits are all about making a fashion statement. It includes cord textures, animal prints, checkered and bold colors.

Consider wearing trousers and blazers separately, creating the perfect addition to your wardrobe. You can wear your suit jacket with a T-shirt and pair it with some classy heels or pumps. However, if you want to go for a more formal touch, then the classic suit with a modern touch is the way to go.

The Belted Shirt Dresses

The simplest way to look smart and professional is wearing a shirt. Whether you wish to go printed, neutral or bright, make sure it’s with a belt. There’s something chic about belting it up that makes your outfit look more professional.

Consider pairing a midi style shirt dress with chunky loafers or high heels or wear over customized trousers. In addition, you can wear a cream high neck jumper underneath the shirt dress with pumps to add some style to your workwear outfit.

Moreover, you can wear long black leggings with a shaped shirt dress and a classy pair of boots. Consider pairing a loose pastel-colored shirt dress with a waist tie and pointed-toe pumps. Other than that, if you want a bold office look, consider wearing a red shirt dress with black leggings with simple pumps and minimal accessories.

The way you dress shows how people recognize you. Your workwear doesn’t have to be too serious and boring. You can make it perfectly stylish and sober with the tips mentioned above!

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