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How To Cover A Purple Bruise With Makeup?

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To cover a purple bruise with makeup, you will need foundation and concealer. Start by applying the foundation to your face in an even layer, blending it in well around the area of the bruise. Then apply a green-based concealer that is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone on top of the foundation.

This should help neutralize any redness or discoloration from the bruise. Finally, use a yellow-based loose powder to set everything into place and blend out any harsh lines caused by your makeup application. Make sure not to cake on too much product as this may make it look unnatural!

  • Step 1: Apply a green-tinted concealer directly to the bruised area. The green color will counterbalance the purple in the bruise, making it less visible.
  • Step 2: Blend the edges of the concealer with your fingers or a makeup brush until there are no harsh lines and blend it into your skin tone.
  • Step 3: Add a light layer of foundation over top of the concealer, again using either your fingers or makeup brush to blend evenly. Make sure you use only enough product to cover up any remaining discoloration without looking cakey or unnatural.
  • Step 4: Dust some loose powder over top to set and prolong wear time if needed.
How To Cover A Purple Bruise With Makeup?


What Color Makeup Covers Purple Bruises?

Makeup can be a great way to hide unsightly bruises in an instant! Purple bruises, in particular, can be tricky to cover up since they are usually quite dark and difficult to blend with our skin tone. The best color makeup for covering purple bruises is green.

Green is opposite of purple on the color wheel so when blended together it creates a neutralized effect that helps camouflage the bruise. You’ll want to opt for lighter shades of green concealer or foundation rather than something too bright, as this can make your bruise stand out even more. To use the product, apply a thin layer directly over the bruise and gently blend into your normal skin tone using either your fingers or a damp sponge.

Once you have achieved an even coverage, you may need to add additional layers before finishing off with some light powder for extra hold and coverage if needed. With just a few simple steps you should now have successfully covered any unattractive purple bruising you may have been trying to hide!

What Color Neutralizes Purple Bruise?

If you have a purple bruise, there are many ways to reduce the appearance and heal it faster. One option is to use color neutralization. Color neutralization is when one color counteracts another in order to reduce its intensity.

In this case, yellow works best to neutralize purple bruises. You can apply a small amount of yellow-tinted concealer or foundation directly over the bruise for an immediate and noticeable improvement. For long-term relief, try making a paste with turmeric powder mixed with water or coconut oil and apply it on your bruise for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water – doing this twice daily should help speed up the healing process as well as lighten your bruise significantly within 3 days!

How Do You Cover a Purple Bruise With Eyeshadow?

When it comes to covering a purple bruise with eyeshadow, the key is to use a color that neutralizes the purple hue. The best way to do this is by using an orange-toned eyeshadow shade on top of the bruise. Start by applying a light layer of foundation over the area and then gently tapping in an orange-toned eyeshadow around the bruised area.

For added coverage, you can add more layers of either foundation or orange toned eyeshadow until you have achieved your desired level of coverage. To complete your look, blend out any harsh edges with a fluffy brush for a seamless finish!

How Do You Cover a Purple Bruise With Lipstick?

Covering a purple bruise with lipstick is an easy and effective way to conceal skin discoloration. Start by cleaning the area around the bruise thoroughly with warm water and mild soap, then pat it dry. Once your skin is clean, you’ll want to select a lipstick color that closely matches the shade of your natural skin tone; this will help ensure that any apparent discoloration from using a lighter or darker shade won’t stand out against your other makeup.

If you can find one with moisturizing ingredients like shea butter or vitamin E, all the better! When applying the product, start in the center of your bruise and carefully blend outward toward its edges. This technique helps prevent any harsh lines along its perimeter for a more seamless look overall.

Finally, set everything in place with some translucent powder so that it lasts throughout day – no matter what comes up!


How to Cover Bruises from Filler Injections

Covering bruises from filler injections is not always necessary, as they usually heal within a few days. However, if you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your bruise and would like to cover it with makeup, choose an opaque foundation that matches your skin tone. Dab on the foundation directly over the bruise using a damp sponge or brush for better coverage.

Use concealer to cover any remaining discoloration and then finish with a dusting of powder for lasting coverage.


This blog post covered a range of tips and techniques for concealing a purple bruise with makeup. These included using primer to even out the skin tone, selecting shades that are opposite on the color wheel, using multiple layers of product to achieve an even finish, and setting everything in place with powder. With these steps in mind, you should be able to successfully cover up any pesky bruises without too much fuss!